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Friday, December 25, 2009
Merry Christmas!!!!
11:37 PM

So fast yr end le, got my AWS and went shopping spree =X Bought lots & lots of gifts for my colleagues and friends. Hope that u all like the gifts that i run ard getting =X I know i got bad taste LOL!! Got myself a present too! A 3GS 32GB Iphone =X Playing with it's function and application, bought Ifrogz ear piece. The Ipod is shiok sia, can't even turn the volume to loudest coz it's really v loud.... =.= Loved the Iphone, loved the PC i bought for myself too!! =X There's lots of things i want to buy but... need to save up abit as i promised =X

I'm glad that the stupid things i had done few mths ago ended fast or i won't be getting these for myself =D Working pace is mad, recently launched Iphone den the call queue is like crazy, hitting 300++ on que for GE. Even till today que still at 100+ everyday, den follow by dunning dunning dunning. My stats sucks LOL!! End of the yr mood it's on =)

Was v happy yesterday hanging out, oso managed to keep touch with 1 of my favourite student =D Been 4 yrs!!! i tink it's the 1st time u replied my sms LOL!!! Keep in touch and study hard!!

Didi enlisted into army lo~ =D enjoy the fun and training inside!!

Made a step out for a change but pause for quite long.. LOL srry these few days bz working and enjoying the festive season will continue soon. Wait for me harrrr

There's something in my mind i can't let go off, ermmm y i'm slow? It's ok. Patient =) Accept me for whu i am, wat i am going to change into. Releasing myself back, i wan to try, i wan try out everything including this =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009
Long wait
6:48 AM

It's very long since i updated the blog, will try hard to make it often=X planning to migrate this site out. Need to get some buggers off this blog, see if i'm free this wkend or not. Learnt 2 important lesson thru out this 2-3mths

Abit update wat i been doing ba, previously was playing Aion Online intensively. Maybe it's a wrong choice committing too much which neglected others. What done is done and i quitted the game too for some reason but its seems....... Anyway i had a choice and i presume too much, waiting and waiting. Don't wait to blog it here, 1st important lesson learnt.

2nd was do not trust ppl too much, don't be like me trust some1 so much buy so expensive things and lent few hundreds bucks to this person end up don't want to pay stating i got no proof of it and say it's i give him. There's many things i gave you if i want to take back there's lots of things i can ask for. That's 2nd lesson learnt but it's ok, i will let others see your true face, dun ask me how but u r the 1 asking for it.

Meanwhile with no commitment in life, will be forcing back at work to earn more to support myself =D

Didi all the best for ur A's =D

That's all for now, off to work soon heh =)