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Friday, September 18, 2009
2:02 PM

Finally 18th le!! $$ coming =X sorry har, v poor this mth. 1st time so excited abt my pay day LOL. Didi, i will save back de =)

Ok, yesterday went out for last min movie out =) Catch up with the same gang(Ethel, Eugene, Jason, Ming, Sylvia, Wan Lin) after work. Meet at 950 at Cathay, supposed to watch "9" but i guess i knock off too late = dun haf any session for it. Walked over to Cine tot can caught the movie "Ugly Truth" at 1150, end up left 1st row. After long discussion, decided to caught the "Ugly Truth" at 115AM. Played Dota at E2max and there's a 1 for 1 promotion.

The Ugly Truth is a romantic-comedy: Abby, a desperate woman seeking for love and she ends up working together with the man she hate the most to get the man she dreams of. She helpfully prepares a list of "talking points" to move conversation along during a date !! omg =X. The movie have lots of amazing jokes and laugh-out-loud moments in its 90+minute duration. This movie was absolutely hilarious!! It's a 'NC16" movie in Singapore with 'strong language'. If you can watch it, be sure to sit this one in. Worth the laugh of your weekend.
After the movie cabbed home n slp! Will be a long day night, guess where i will be at =X