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Tuesday, September 8, 2009
10:36 PM

Sun been slping at home till quite late. Played Dota with the gang till 3am but they continue till 11am!! luckily i go n slp =X woke up ard 2++ le, den continue playing again !! omg!! like Dota Marathon LOL!!!

Den Monday go work again, sianz, everyday late for work now. . . hate 830 shift!! Went for dinner at hougang with ah di. He bought a PS3 slim to watch blueray disc =) now he still need a TV. heh Sent him home den off i go home again. Almost sold off all GE items liao, perm quitting the game le. Play WC3 again. . . Quite happy that it was back to the days where the gang are back together. hehe =D

There's an unforgettae memory with the 2nd song in my playlist sang at KTV, 4gotten to video it down, miss those moments=) The other 3 present on tat day i'm sure all enjoyed alot thou i am not drinking but was in the midst of enjoying too much. lol!

Was looking for a chance, expecting the result soon. =) payday faster come plz!! lol!!