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Monday, September 21, 2009
Dinner + movie
4:34 AM

Woke up at 3++ today, went for haircut at Jean Yip, bond my hair abit. The hair stylist cut hair like nv cut de lo =.= Left 2 more session with them, now they ask me sign up 10 more sessions. LOL =X

Rush home to change, den head over to MRT to meet Wan Lin for dinner + movie at Vivo. Reached Vivo trying to find the Thai restaurant at B2 not the Thai express la i tot there's 1 more there at B2 end up can't find the shop. Went up to Level 2 to eat Thai Accent instead. Ordered pineapple rice, WL ordered her fav as usual =X Tried out "Thai" soya milk & "Thai" Ice Kachang.

Overall the food quite nice lo. WL says it's better den Secret Recipe =X Once again, dun ever eat there lol!!. Walk walk abit den head to 1 of the book store and read some books. Read till the shop close den head to Starbucks to drink coffee and continue chatting. The movie was at 12am so still got lots of time b4 the show starts.

2nd time visiting gold class at Vivo ba, watched "Inglourios Basterds". This time i order more food to try it out =X The movie last almost 3hrs!! wa . . i nv realise times flies so fast. Maybe 1 of the reason is due to the seats super comfortable ba, so nv realise time flies so fast heh =)

Cabbed home from St. James, finally i got to know where is tat place.

Overall enjoyed so much, thanks alot & hope u enjoy it too thou i'm a bad planner =X I will learn to be better =D

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Wonderful Night
7:34 PM

Mysterious Person!!!

Went to KTV last night with Ethel, Eugene, Jason, Sylvia, Wan Lin. Enjoyed it alot, forgotten all my troubles which i had in the week. Got high very fast =X LOL!! i tink got abit drunk ba, losing my senses and my comfort zone =)

I think that's the gd thing about drinking ba, 4get ur worries and do things ur "senses" often stopped u from doing.

As usual, sing till 6am den cab home. Slept till almost 4pm lol. . . Suprisingly Jason KO quite early. My Birthday he oso nv KO so fast lo =X

WL & Me

Evil Duck beside me X.X

Eugene, Ethel, Sylvia, Wan Lin

Will be uploading pictures later on, currently trying to back up all my photos into my lappy and thumbdrive. Yesterday took pic half way the phone prompts not enough memory in memory card. Luckily still got space in phone or i dunno wat to del le heh.

1st time i tink 1GB memory card not enough =X ok la the pictures from 1 yr ago still in my phone lo =X Upgrading handset soon. . waiting for the phone to launch, hopefully will save enough $$by den lol!!

Working hard. . .

Mysterious Person Reveals!!!

Ethel & Sylvia

Friday, September 18, 2009
2:02 PM

Finally 18th le!! $$ coming =X sorry har, v poor this mth. 1st time so excited abt my pay day LOL. Didi, i will save back de =)

Ok, yesterday went out for last min movie out =) Catch up with the same gang(Ethel, Eugene, Jason, Ming, Sylvia, Wan Lin) after work. Meet at 950 at Cathay, supposed to watch "9" but i guess i knock off too late = dun haf any session for it. Walked over to Cine tot can caught the movie "Ugly Truth" at 1150, end up left 1st row. After long discussion, decided to caught the "Ugly Truth" at 115AM. Played Dota at E2max and there's a 1 for 1 promotion.

The Ugly Truth is a romantic-comedy: Abby, a desperate woman seeking for love and she ends up working together with the man she hate the most to get the man she dreams of. She helpfully prepares a list of "talking points" to move conversation along during a date !! omg =X. The movie have lots of amazing jokes and laugh-out-loud moments in its 90+minute duration. This movie was absolutely hilarious!! It's a 'NC16" movie in Singapore with 'strong language'. If you can watch it, be sure to sit this one in. Worth the laugh of your weekend.
After the movie cabbed home n slp! Will be a long day night, guess where i will be at =X

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Lesson of the day
10:34 PM

Lesson of the day:
Never judge a book by it's cover, no matter how beautiful it was covered. You will nv know till u decided to try it out.

I tried and thou it's the 1st time this kind of situation happen, it's still a wonderful learning experience for me =)

I will deleted the whole event today and place it under else where. Lots of unpleasant event happened today. Not wise to share with every1 ba. Anyway thx WL =D

Can't wait 20th to come~ payday~ and a major event for me will be going on =X Lets see how i fare hor heh =)

Don't tell me my blog is in alien language w/o head w/o tail. Don't come here to searching and hoping for information.

If u wan to own some1 go ahead and win the person not by dragging others down to make urself looks gd.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009
11:29 PM

Last min having some mix feelings and thoughts. I tink been quite awhile i left them behind. Humans had the ability to evolve so fast. I know i am native, always believing giving all i could, one day it will happen.
Sian at work, stress with customers. stress with stats, stress with colleagues all wanted to leave but it's how work life supposed to be. Trying hard to motivate myself =

There's something i wanted to get for myself once its is out heh =P While helping 1 cust to search for the specs of a phone, came across this 2 phones attracted me =X Currently still a fan si of Sony Aino™ & Satio™ which is not launch yet la.


  • Symbian™ OS
  • Smile detection
  • Image stabiliser
  • Xenon flash
  • 12.1 megapixel
  • Red-eye reduction
  • Video light
  • Touch Capture


  • Tracker
  • Motion gaming
  • MegaBass
  • Stereo speakers
  • Shake control
  • SensMe
  • Clear bass
  • Photo flash
  • Video stabiliser
  • 8.1 megapixel
  • Touch focus

The name sounds cool =X Both phone is a touch screen de, Anio got keypad which can be slide down if u r too tired of touching the screen =X basically main diff Satio is cybershot phone where else Aino is a walkman phone. Aino can use as Ps3 controller! i wonder how sia lol! ARR i love camera phone & walkman phone too kaoz!!! Got few suggestion from some of u yesterday le, any more suggestion which 1 i shld go for? heh

Last of all, i will try to treat myself better ok? Once bitten twice shy =)

I tried to defend but i can't find any equipment at all.

Monday, September 14, 2009
12:14 AM

Played WC3 at home with the usual gang till 7++ am!! Den went to slp, woke up at ard 2-3pm. OMG half of my Sunday gone!! =X Had a last min lunch wif Wanlin, thx for coming to Sembawang to haf lunch and srry can't stay long due to dinner appointment at my aunty place. Sembawang library got limited range of books avail to loan =X If u got books u want to loan, do visit other larger libraries.

Head over to aunt hse, quite alot of peeps had already arrived. Been quite a while since last visit =X almost 4gotten how to get there. Had BBQ steamboat for dinner!! =X Didn't eat much coz of the Zinger burger yet to disgest. Sharon & aunt said i become thinner =.= i tot i getting fatter lo. . i tink they got poor memory =X lol!!! Stay till Million Star finish den cab home.

Here i am back home rotting, mentally preparing for tml work.
Thx alot ah di =D Those whu want to know whu is he, do visit his blog =)

Saturday, September 12, 2009
9:15 PM

Wkend finally arrive!! Been a bz wk coaching new colleagues, can't really use internet & msn coz got to show them the right thing to do. Quite piss off when i was told to coach 1 and pick up my calls. Multi task as in type listen talk is ok la, how am i going to multi task by listening to my call n rush to listen hers. Heard Cecilia is leaving soon, sad she's wonderful leader lo. . . haiz. . i going to die soon like this. Trying hard to hang on the line.

Friday nite went out for steamboat, didn't really want to go coz no more $$. . all confiscated. . but WL gave me a reason tat i die die muz go & paid for my buffet!!! Don't really like to owe ppl $$, but she doesn't wan to let me know her bank account so i can transfer her today =\ For once i tink i eat quite alot for the steamboat, i tink coz i getting fatter rite? =X after that went to pai arcade. Supposed to rush for cab b4 midnight charges starts end up 4getting the CBD area add $3 =.= Srry guys lol!! Paid Ethel the remaining $$ i haf, thx alot will treat u back =)

Was supposed to play Hero Siege when i reach home, bathed den i saw the auto restart thingy after the auto update, went to my bed n lay down end up fell aslp =.=

Woke up at 10++, ah di ask me for lunch & just in time $$ rescue so i head over to Hougang to meet him. Met Andy 1st at den di came along, Had Mac for lunch, head over to his hse. Played PS3 over there, wash Shirei hse, ordered Mac over for dinner.

Sent di over to his party place den took MRT home. At 1st waited to go over to Comex since i at Marina den too lazy and too many ppl there liao. Had a warm bath n sitting at home now.

- To the person whu sms me rubbish yesterday - Don't talk to me when u drink, I didn't disappoint u instead u choose to let me go long time ago. If u feels like dying, thats ur life, u decide. U ruin mine once, nothing can mend it back & i mean it, NOTHING.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
10:36 PM

Sun been slping at home till quite late. Played Dota with the gang till 3am but they continue till 11am!! luckily i go n slp =X woke up ard 2++ le, den continue playing again !! omg!! like Dota Marathon LOL!!!

Den Monday go work again, sianz, everyday late for work now. . . hate 830 shift!! Went for dinner at hougang with ah di. He bought a PS3 slim to watch blueray disc =) now he still need a TV. heh Sent him home den off i go home again. Almost sold off all GE items liao, perm quitting the game le. Play WC3 again. . . Quite happy that it was back to the days where the gang are back together. hehe =D

There's an unforgettae memory with the 2nd song in my playlist sang at KTV, 4gotten to video it down, miss those moments=) The other 3 present on tat day i'm sure all enjoyed alot thou i am not drinking but was in the midst of enjoying too much. lol!

Was looking for a chance, expecting the result soon. =) payday faster come plz!! lol!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009
9:25 AM

Start of with Thursday nite - Went Vivo city to catch movie with ah di. 1st time watching movie in a gold class cinema. Super expensive but very comfortable seats better den watching it at home, got blanket too!! super shiok lol!! the food oso v ex. Watched "The Time Traveller's Wife"., was a v touching, sad romantic movie. . . makes me feel like crying ok... i know la my emotion can easily get affected but it's really a nice movie and worth it. Ppl who likes love story movie, muz go watch it~ Sad part was the actor can't be with wife most of the time coz he is not able to control his ability to time travel and till he found out when will he die. Last for almost 2 hrs, sent ah di home after tat.

Late for work on Friday as usual LOL!! been slping quite late these few days, woke up at 6 for morning call den oversleep =X Skip my work part ba, not a v gd day at work. Received birthday present from my colleagues. Thx Wah, Cecilia, Danica, Jann, Kelly, Ru Xin, William, Wei Liang & special thx to Carol & Ethan baby for getting the present =X

Went over to PS to catch movie again LOL!! With Ethel, Eugene, Jason, Sylvia & Wan Lin. G-force!!! the Guinea pigs soooooo CUTE!!! OMG !!! but i i love hamster more!! =X hahaha. After movie went to lan shop pai dota =X After dota went for supper but i didn't eat heh, was v tired. Halfway thru the supper, suddenly rains heavily =.= Run in the rain get into a cab and fly home for my few hrs of slp.

Late for work again and super tired now at work =X
1 last ting, DO NOT EAT at PS Secret Recipe, waiting time long, service sucks, food sucks!

Thursday, September 3, 2009
3:51 PM

Been "quite" occupied these with days. Played Tic Tac Toe on msn wif ,Samuel di, WL, Ethel, Eugene. Won few times XD. Owns Samuel di, really thx alot for remembering my birthday, i don't expect u to rem it at all coz u been missing for more den half a yr LOL!!! At night, got myself to Swensen at Ion to have the desert buffet!! Thou both of my legs were swollen. . . Finally long time nv eat Swensen le~~ Thx Ethel, Eugene, Jason, Roy, Sylvia, Wan Lin for accompany me for tat nite. Staying at home is killing me lol!! After the dinner went over to a lan shop to play dota.

Thx alot for everything and all the greetings be it from sms, fb, email.

Past 2 days been cabbing to work, super poor for this mth le, got to wait till 20th to get pay=X
Den family problem getting worst haizz. Been dota-ing and chating in skype till late night

Been slping the whole day lol!! guess too tired and recovering from the swollen leg. . . Will be catching a movie with di later.

Cya all & thx alot, been v long ever since i enjoyed so much during my birthday