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Monday, August 31, 2009
31/08/2009 !!!!
1:13 AM

Happy 26th Birthday to myself!!

1st to wish me isss didi!! thx for the virtual card, remember i want real 1 too=X thx for drawing this card. Love it alot =D

Happy Birthday Kor Kor!!

Since u cant receive my card so I think I send via email =P
My attempt on digital card from scratch using photoshop hope u dun mind the messiness!
I noe the background have no link with the cake xD but I didn’t noe wad to put


Was playing dota while it reaches 12 =D

Sunday, August 30, 2009
2:25 PM

Ethel, WL, Me, Ethel, Syl, Vincent
Had my birthday celebration yesterday. Start of with dinner at Ion, supposingly to eat Swensen but the queue super long =\ Met up wif Ethel at Sembawang MRT, den head over to YCK and wait for ming lastly Sylvia outside Swensen. Decided not to wait for the queue and walk ard sourcing for another place to have the dinner. Everywhere was so pack and queued wif lots of ppl. Finally we decided to eat at Xin Wang as there's no queue =X

Ordered curry chicken rice for dinner, the aunty trying very hard to sell off her membership and srry ending up i nv sign at all =X Thanks Ethel for the dinner treat =)

After dinner we walked over to Cine for the main event of the day. The KTV was so super big where i didn't invite that many ppl along. Thx Ethel,Sylvia, Patrick(Manager) for getting such a big room.

Some unexpected guest, really thx alot for coming even for a short while and srry for not inviting u all =X Thx to Bin,Mich,PT,Curry, Daren for poping by.

Took alot of picturessss, got high quite early lol. Don't know how i take 50++ pictures!! Then follow by drunk state. Vomit =.= & let out alot of stress =X 1st time got drunk, Thx alot Ethel, Eugene & Vincent for sending me home. Finally know how drunk feels =) still awake but can't walk, think str8. Thx alot for those whu stay wif me till 6am, Ethel, Eugene, Ferris, Jason, Sylvia, Wan Lin & Vincent =D Xie xie ni men pei wu du guo zhe yi ye. It's a unforgetable memory, hope u all enjoy it too =D

Will post some of the pic here, remaining will be all in FB.

Syl, Ethel, Me, WL & Ferris

Me & Ethel

Eugene & me

Syl & Me

Ferris & Me

Jason & me

WL & Me

Vincent, Syl, Jason, Eugene, Ethel, WL, Ferris

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Random Thoughts
2:24 PM

Been doing some soul searching for the past 2 days. Recovering all the sleep that i lost. Thx for all the ppl whu showed their concern. Kelly, wat u said was right,
"ppl dun hv to treat u the same way u treat them, so long as you ask one's conscience without the boudoir". I always have that mindset, by treating some1 nice, the other shld treat me equally the same. I'm wrong, every1 is different in every way thats how it makes 1 special.

So i asked myself, so wat have i learnt, Don't ask/expect too much, indirectly i'm taking all the rights away. Giving 1 happiness shldnt be asking for any returns but i failed to do that. I always said as long as u r happy, i'm fine with everything, i shall keep to it.

Don't mistaken this as a emo thoughts and post, it's far from it.
I just regret that i nv notice wat u had done, i nv even tot of it & asking more each time. Hope it's not too late to wake up.

2 days more to 26!!~ I'm old i know =X so it's time to make my move.

I will keep all my promises that i gave every1 and keep to it, I will always be there =)

Loved 1st song on my playlist~~ enjoy it =D

Why do I stay
Why do I stay in Love?
Oh, baby
Baby, I stay in love with you

Dying inside 'cause i can't stand it
Make or break up, can't take this madness
We don't even really know why
All I know is, baby, I try and try so hard to keep our love alive

If you don't know me at this point
Then I highly doubt you ever will
I really need you to give me
That unconditional love I used to feel
It's no mistaking, we're just erasing from our hearts and minds

And I know we said let go but i kept on hanging on.
Inside I know it's over, you're really gone.
It's killing me 'cause there ain't nothing that I can do
Baby, I stay in love with you.

And I keep on telling myself that you'll come back around
And I try to front like, "Oh well," each time you let me down
See I can't get over now no matter what i do
But baby, baby, I stay in love with you

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Baby, I stay in love with you

It cuts so deep, it hurts down to my soul
My friends tell me I ain't the same no more
We still need each other when we stumble and fall
How we gon' act like what we had, ain't nothing at all now

Hey, what i wanna do is ride shotgun next to you
With the top down like we used to hit the block, proud in the SUV
We both know our hearts is breaking
Can we learn from our mistakes?
I can' last one moment alone, now go i know

We said let go but i kept on hanging on.
Inside I know it's over, you're really gone.
It's killing me 'cause there ain't nothing that I can do
Baby, I stay in love with you.

And I keep on telling myself that you'll come back around
And I try to front like, "Oh well," each time you let me down
See I can't get over now no matter what i do

But baby, baby, I stay in love with you
We said let go but i kept on hanging on.
Inside I know it's over, you're really gone.
It's killing me 'cause there ain't nothing that I can do
Baby, I stay in love with you.

And I keep on telling myself that you'll come back around
And I try to front like, "Oh well," each time you let me down
See I can't get over now no matter what i do
But baby, baby, I stay in love with you

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na
I stay in love with you

Thursday, August 27, 2009
11:07 AM

Wed – went out for a movie outing with ah di, Lona, Andy. Watched Final Destination in 3D, was quite nice thou I felt tat it can be improve. I still prefer other FD series den this. . . the ending sucks -.-
Me & Ah di
Andy & Ah Di
Went over to Esplanade to walk walk, watch scenery walk walk abit, sent all of them home. Took cab home, bath, upset, didn’t slp much.
Late at work today, cab down, taxi driver take wrong turn, causes me super late. . . break down at work due to ongoing stuff, srry to cause whoever concern abt me worried. Thx Carol,Kelly,Sylvia whu came to me and talk & my TL Cecilia to approve my urgent leave.

Walking ard aimlessly, den suddenly heavy rain, caught in the rain. I'm not going to continue the since its over. Been cabbing ard due to heavy rain, den went PS buy new shirt coz the shirt even dry liao got a smell =X

Head over my fav shop, long time nv buy things for myself le. Bought a top & bought a v cute bread. AIYA i nv take pic of it. DI, take the pic n send me!! den head over Ion to meet di. Since he still working, i roam ard, the things there super exp =X Saw a v nice cute thing at Artbox but it's their last piece. . . thx to Ethel helped me to search for the nearest shop, den i rush down to Bugis n get it =D den rush back to Ion. Luckily reached there in time b4 di arrive. Went over to a Jap restaurant to have dinner. To me the food there v nice, better den Iciban. Will go find out the name den let u all know heh. Went shopping for some clothing den took bus to Cine. At there did some exercise for an hr -.- Sent di home, b4 leaving he surprised me with something that I nv anticipate. =)
Last of all, thx alot for all the concern especially to Didi(whu chat wif me till morning), Di (for tonite), Lona ( chat wif me awhile yesterday nite).

Monday, August 24, 2009
8:16 PM

Slept v early yesterday, so long nv go to slp so early. Due to past few days nv slp well ba, woke up wif great spirit. =D morning call, didn't late for work. Feeling great but i didn't hit my stats =X wahahaha . . .

It's 1 wk to my big day =X . . .getting v old. Woke up with a resolution for the yr . . .LOL !!! normally ppl say new yr den got resolution. . . mine different. Till next resolution =X Let me list it out.
1) Treat myself better
2) Treat all ppl whu r close to me better, dun make them unhappy
3) Learn driving
4) Earn & save lots of $$ to support 1)2)3)
5) Don't always emo
6) Make more friends

Dunno why so happy today leh. . . erm, heh =D xie xie ni
Tml afternoon shift, got to go out early to the morning to see something. Got to spend alot again, for me for you =)

Sunday, August 23, 2009
8:35 PM

Been a long day at work yesterday, hang out with Ethel,Lona,Syl, Reima for dinner and KTV session. Not able to sit in peace for the nite, tinking and worrying. Sent Lona home ard 2++ den cab back to Cine.

Thx ah di. Reached home ard 7 and fall aslp. Didn't catch much slp due to so many things gong ard.

Anyway, solving this problem still had a few of them for me to handle. Guess it's up to me.

Saturday, August 22, 2009
8:50 AM

Been awhile since my last update, not really bz for the wk juz tat lazy to blog =X

Nothing much happen for the past few days, dun really remember them too. Went out for dinner on Wed nite wif Ethel,Reima,syl & WL, played DOTA, watch movie, Thursday went out wif di to buy his dream wallet. Glad that he very happy wif it. Friday went out wif Ethel grp for dinner at SSC. They came over to my hse to see my hamy =) Gave them some funny nicknames =.=

Been a wk thinking of decision. Can't really make up my mind and decide wat i really want. Till now i still doesn't have any answer, not blogging it down here, kept in another 1.

Sat, sian working today, boring. . . can't go out. . . Hungry Ghost Festival start le but i still go home late almost everynite -.- Facing some problems at home adding on to the stress with my decision. Some signs/external factors r forcing my decision. haizzz

Monday, August 17, 2009
12:10 AM

Was asked to do something n Friday, did halfway gif up. Tot really can endure it but seems like will power too weak.

Sat, Went for haircut in the early noon, Saw This singer at SSC to promote his new album. After that went over to di hse at late noon, cleaned up Shireii's hse den meet Lona for dinner. Had Mac Donald's, went back to di hse again to watch movie as usual. This wk airing was Strangers & Eagle Eye. Was watching stranger till the exciting part den disc 2 cannot play. . . sianzz Lona's cinema lose business liao, all run to Di hse now. Andy came over at the disc 2 of strangers. . Supposed to meet him at 6pm but he 11++ den turn up -.- Hangover at di hse for the nite, went home in the morning.

Guess whu is this =X

I dunno where's my determination went to, had decided on things yet was easily destroy by 1 sms & call.

Reached home at 12pm - 1pm ba, den slp till 6pm =X There goes my Sunday slping lol!! Sit at home play EQ2 trying hard to lvl up

Later working again. . . Monday's blueeee, den somemore working on this Sat. .. arrrghh!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009
Sudden thoughts
1:19 PM

Hi all,

Lazy to go thru my yesterday life, nothing much, late for work, took cab, den work OT coz nothing on in the evening. Reach home ard 8++ sell items and play abit of EQ 2.

I did wat u asked me to, remember ur promise. I said i'm willing to gif up everything for , i will but if u ever breaks it, i will hunt u down.

Sorry di

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
12:56 AM

Long wkend juz over!! No mood to work today, so tempted to take MC. Lona & ah di oso took MC -.- End up didn't take due to a reason lol!. Let me recap on how i spend my long wkend ba.

Sat - Supposed to go tanning bt again didn't go lol!! Meet Lona at Hougang MRT den travel to Kovan wait for Holly & ah di to finish their Spa session. Sat there for awhile and chat abit, chatting wif Lona she always want to slp de lo. Always say tired tired tired, juz came out of hse oso tired -.- After that travel down to Orchard, ION new shopping centre. Met up wif Holly's BF. 1st time walk walk there, toilet super far! Di went shopping craze after his body spa -.- He spent alot lo!! dunno wat to say =.= But he is happy can liao. Bought a small item(Braces??) for him from topman. After tat walk walk walk walk walk walk, dun rem we walk where le LOL!! Den drop by another new shopping mall(no idea wats the name) which is not fully operated yet. Took a pic of the MOO in Ben & Jerry's. After tat parted at MRT station. Enjoyed the day alot but ending up wif some quarrel at nite but ok la things resolved.

The cute Cow

Sun - Went over to ah di hse, waited for Lona to be ready. Walked over to pick her then eat at the fdcourt in Hougang Mall, rented some Dvd/VCD to watch later on. Finally Andy came after flying kite for 2 times!! Went Kbox again =X, seems like my fav hanging out place liao, sing sing sing like mad, all singing like mad, esp ah di lol!! He enjoyed alot !!! got video to proof it!! but it's for my own viewing =X got 2 fans supporting him waving but he ignored them!!! HAHA. Went over to eat Suki Sushi, not exp & not cheap. Super broke.. haiz. Went over to ah di over to watch 2 movies, i dun rem the 1st title coz watch halfway, den follow by Urban Legends, Bloody Mary. Not tat scary juz abit er xin on how they die. Left his hse at 1++.Sent Lona back, went Mc Donald to chit chat till almost 4. If i nv remind them on the time they totally 4gotten abt it. -.- Di supposed to sent Andy home but he tired, so ended up wif sending di home 1st den i took cab send Andy back. Reached home ard 5am, tio lock out of hse again. . .haiz used to it dun wan to elaborate more on tat.

Lona singing

Mon - Slept till quite late, ard 1pm?? woke up play EQ2 wif di, den he went out wif his fren. I went back to slp for 2 more hrs!! LOL. Decided to sell off all my GE items, so rest of the day bz selling items.

Tues - As mentioned on top, felt like taking MC lol!!. Claim my 1hr time off went over to ah di hse. Drop by Lona hse 1st to pass her the letter she asked me to print. Went to Somerset & Raffles to view the sch di wan to study in. He suddenly got the fever for Thai lang, asked me to learn wif him too. After tat meet up wif Lona after she went over to her working place, eat dinner at Hougang mall, sent Lona back, sent ah di back and slowly walk back home with lots of thoughts.

That's all for now~~

Saturday, August 8, 2009
2:09 PM

These few days a bit bz ba, rejected chill out at double o on wed, Thursday a bit emo emo day at work coz of Carol, doesn't want to go into more details, i almost tear too. I can't stand seeing ppl close to me in tears thou it's not becoz of me. Too emotional guy =X

Evening met up wif ah di and lona, dinner at Mos, long time nv eat le!! Shop ard for story books den went down to Borders to continue shopping for books =X Lona found an interesting book she likes but di can't find his ending up buying the Thai CD. Had a little chat at Starbucks, di dun be upset of it ok?

Friday as usual work work, dinner with Ethel,Sylvia,Vincent,Walin at Pariss. Seafood buffet . . I dun really eat much, the meal cost $47 ea =.= Vincent & sylvia was the joke of the day ba, 1 say the theme of the buffet shld be related to sea but y there's crocodile meat there. Ethel suan him wif the chicken & beef lol!!! Next was Sylvia, we playing the black & white game to eat the mash mallow. Dunno how to go into details but u all know har, lol!! next time we play the game muz gif a little hint like twisting the arm LOL!!!! make me laugh non stop =X

Next stop, KTV session as usual, was drinking quite abit coz bz thinking of things.. Enjoyed thenite playing games. Went home at 4am, slp at 5. Some pictures i took on tat day. Designer: WL

Flying Kick

Duckie =X

Syl & WL

Heart (Who's ?.?)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
9:06 AM

Nuthing much to post these few days, as usual work n work. Yesterday went to watch sneak preview of G.I Joe. Got to surrender hp for their keeping. Waste of time -.- 12 ppl attended the outing. Daren,Lona,Robin,Michelle,( 1 x robin friend), MR, 4 x di colleagues(Yongda, lynn??, Mabel and 1 more dunno his name), di & me. Got some free gifts frm GV, split between 2 rows 6 ea. 1 of the colleague looks like a Mediacorp artist sia dunno any1 realise or not or juz me. lol!!

Di went for hair treatment coz v dry, shld be due to the dye. V cosy treatment but as long as he's happy with the result =)

Learn to trust me.

The movie was fantastic, Personally i feel that its better den Transformer & Harry Potter. Lot's of action!! After the movie took cab back home along. . whu ask me stay so far away =X. Here i am again at work, chionging my stats. I know i know got to reduce my spending. . .

Got rare visitor here, long time no see de fren momo =X i wan my bday present har!! Remember our date, bring ur GF along =X

Sunday, August 2, 2009
1:48 PM

Ask me the truth wise, i'm super happy yesterday thou i causes so much unhappiness. Don't get it the wrong way but i don't want to elaborate more onto it. =)

As mentioned yesterday was a boring day at work. Was upset over something irrelevant. Met ah di at night and again at Lona hse to catch 2 movies, 1408 & My bloody Valentine. 1408 i watch b4 le, so nothing much to comment. Only quite disappointed with bloody Valentine ba, i tot will be a v nice show end up it's like trying to make it very er xin & trying hard to put in 3D graphics into it. Still thx alot lona for the place to hang out & most important my onli meal yesterday(bee hoon), rambutan!!! It's v nice, i dun lie de lo =) Too bad it's late at nite or i sure wan to haf more! This time she nv scream, but *hides behind di. LOL!!! movie ends close to 3 ba, send di home den cab home.

I think i'm worrying too much, since i put myself in liao shouldn't be running away from it. Wat brothers r for! I'm ready to face it even if it happens and most important is i trust u.

Early in the morning been nag n nag, my financier found out my spending this mth. Trust me I'm v happy ok? Somethings i know got to save but somethings can't be bought. Next mth i will save back la =\ dun be upset, i will be back ;)

Saturday, August 1, 2009
2:41 PM

Went out to celebrate Eugene aka Reima birthday. As usual, birthday celebration at Cine Kbox with Ethel,Syl,WL & me. Drink drink & sing sing till 6am. V shag at work now, not enough slp and headache from drinking. Drank too much yesterday, abit high liao lo losing my senses, guess i sure gone case when it's my birthday =X . Nv fail to enjoy my company with this group of friends =) Here's the picture as i promised!

Eugene (our bday boy!)
Cutting cake!!! OMG i hate cheezy cakes =X

Me, Eugene, Syl, WL, Ethel

Syl, Ethel & WL

Super bored Sat here, working till 9pm, can't go anywhere after tat sianzzz. Looking forward to tml ba =D but now broke liao muz reduce on spending.