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Thursday, July 23, 2009
6:54 PM

Nuthing much to post these few days, been working afternoon shift at work till 9pm. Cabbing to work for 4 days… kaoz!! Thx for all the concern chats in msn these few days.

As mentioned in previous post tio counselling by my team leader on the productivity. Haiz, been double banking me for 2 days to listen to the calls. Suprising or dunno why during tat period of time the calls seems to be ok. LOL!! No Dispute *touch wood* cases. Managed to pcik up 12 calls in tat hr. Managed to pick at least 9 calls for past 2 days. Can tell u it’s not the motivation tat u gave us counseling ok. . it’s wat I see in myself when I put in ur position.

Today again, 1 of my colleague, Sue showed me a letter. Asking if it’s nice or not, haiz the letter demoralize me, suddenly haf no mood to pick up calls at that moment. . She’s leaving the company too. Another fun loving colleague leaving~~ haizzz trying hard not to emo, I wan to stay happy as long as I can!! Anyway all the best to you in ur future career where u might be at. If that side gd, pull all of us over~~ LOL!!!

Last but not least Happy 18th birthday to Jeremy didi!! Same wish i sent u earlier on. Str8 A's for ur "A" Lvls!! U can do it~~ =D ask u how to pass u the present dun wan tell me. . . every yr like tat . . .