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Friday, July 31, 2009
6:47 PM

Erm slack for too long again, been "bz" =X As usual excuse for not posting. LOL

Nothing much happen this week, work work work in the morning shift. Signed up indoor sun tanning wif di. Cost a bomb -.- but i wan to be tannnnnn!!! Lovedthe guy skin sia, tan till v nice. Of coz la he work there =X can maint v well LOL!!

Then at night bz playing EQ2, thx di,holly,andy,jun for plvling me =X i will try hard to lvl up fast. . but the quest v hard to clear la . . . .i sit there 3 hrs oso nv lvl up sianz. Den tio bully somemore, set so high expectation on me. Believed me i tried. =X

Last of all, srry for the emo nicks ba and thx for all the concern. I'm alright !! I didn't know u all take note of my nick =X I tot i'm the only 1 whu take note of others LOL!!

That's all for now, till den

Golden Rule
3:23 AM


1)Just want to be healthy and stays happy!

2)Wants all the important ppl of my life to stays happy & healthy





I'm a very easy contented person, 2 wishlist and 3 hates. Plz dun be any of my hates.. Be true to urself, till then.

Monday, July 27, 2009
8:55 PM

It's Monday again, working at 830 shift. Woke up v early but finally my slpness nite is gone after a gd chat. Reached work place, many ppl nv come again, as usual "Monday's Blue" MCMC,ULUL. Both TL's oso nv come, v chaotics as not enough staffs to handle the calls. Then the queen keep sending emails saying PCA drop drop drop reduce warp up, y dun u tink remove our 1633 stats will help alot.

During lunch time Aisyah oso said no mood to work, wan to leave the company liao. Yan oso said it. WA all leaving me alone.. haiz super moody. Dunno how to motivate myself to strive harder there. Carol,kelly oso stress at work, all my kaki's stress = i super stress too. Tried hard to hit stats today but still haizzz Tml Cecilia sure come DB me again =X

Book movie tickets to watch GI JO on the 4th August wif 12 ppl!! haha.

Worked half an hr OT as they required manpower den ere i am rotting at home liao.

Sunday, July 26, 2009
7:15 PM

Had a great day yesterday, went to pick ah di & malona at redhill, cabbing there as gd as cabbing to buona vista, Super ex. Mandarin class wif di is super funny, 1st stop, Paya Lebar MRT station. Went to err 4get the saloon name liao something cut =X for hair treatment. I'm not the 1 doing the treatment =X Di was having it for 45mins. Went to food court wif lona, had chicken riceee, lona had some noodles. Den she order side dish dunno wat dumplings i tink. Taste of so many vege i hate~~ lol end up nv help her eat, den wasted the fd. Talk for awhile den ah di finish his hair treatment. He is happy tat the hair got the "cooling" effect =X hahaha. .

Took bus to Serene Centre, was told can satisfy my rental needs. End up, it's not mine lo~~ lol. U r here for a reason and i won't let it go w/o getting it. Lona bought a vcd for tonite, Thai horror film called “The House.” Looks scary. . .

Went Taka walk walk, see a bag cost 1k+ OMG seriously di, it's so exp =X but his mum got it for him *jealous* wahahaha *jking* , after "sold" a shoe to di den took cab back.

Random cab pic (Di & me)

Drop Lona back 1st den went ah di hse to copy a game. "Everquest2" coz the patching seems 4ever so brought my lappy there. Cleaned up Shireii's hse den Di taught me the some basic of the game den Remy guide me ingame on the quest. While learning, di went to clean my lappy up and change some layout. Play play play till 4get time, 4gotten nv eat dinner end up in Mac for dinner =X u scored 70% nia LOL!! shld know y hor

After tat went up Lona hse for the "scary" movie. The plot okok nia, easy to guess, not scary at all BUT Lona keep on screaming lol! den ah di pretend fixing the game into Lona comp nv watch the movie. After the movie, stayed awhile as di was teaching Lona the controls & the basics of the game.

Left ard 3am ba, sent di home & collect my lappy den took cab home.

Tried to slp but the questions ppl left me kept me up for past few days. Blogged a emo msg in my old blog, the person whu had access to it currently haf a chance go read it. lol!!

Logged in Everquest to config some setup till all the members in the game, formed new guild and they went to P lvl me. Thx alot~ The instance took ard 1-2hrs ba. .

After tat went out dinner lo some where at upper Thomson for Japanese Food wif di. The Don there v nice, after that suppose to go back AMK hub but as usual di bz singing randomly so i jio him go KTV to release his potential. =) Finally after so many visit to K box, i signed up for the member =X Enjoyed the night alot as was at a v emo state in the morning/afternoon.

Don't want to elaborate more on it but was v touch to hear comforting words from u. =D
*Thx Lona for the pics*

Saturday, July 25, 2009
6:21 AM

Have been losing my slp for past few days even since i start thinking abt it. =S Woke up at 4 for everyday. Tried hard to slp again but failed to do so. It's going to 7 =)
Donald, wat u really wan ?

If u really wan to know the question ask me again =) Off to catch some slp =D

Friday, July 24, 2009
10:23 PM

Finally it's Friday!! struggled thru the wk. Feelings up & down. .

Blog 1st abt work ba, str8 5 days took cab to work. Broke Donald's record of cabbing to work!!Coz, work up late?? rainning? ? I know why =X last 3 days managed to hit stats, by self motivating. Haf a little talk to Kelly, she's v demoralise wif all the ppl leaving too. I dunno how to encourage her coz i oso demoralise. Seeing her like tat i oso automatic feels the same. The management not doing anything to salvage the situation. The only thing that keeps my spirit high is working hard for feed my 1)2)3). Trying hard but losing fast. I love to work in a happy environment not juz for $$. Thx Danica for the cute handphone pouch =) Whole department moral quite low.

2nd thing i like to blog bout is my supposingly holiday trip during National Day. Flush away le, 4th holiday trip planned this yr was cancelled. U wll nv know how i feel, was mooding all the way home.

Then when reach home, another news arrived. I know i shouldn't feel like tat but haiz that's me. Vinegar smell + moody clouds all ard.

Yes Kelly, of coz will mentioned u in my blog de lo, we r the chatting ka ki at work leh. Come on, enjoy ur wkend and hold till end of the yr!! I know it's not easy but i'm trying hard, dun gif up on me = Stick together team!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009
6:54 PM

Nuthing much to post these few days, been working afternoon shift at work till 9pm. Cabbing to work for 4 days… kaoz!! Thx for all the concern chats in msn these few days.

As mentioned in previous post tio counselling by my team leader on the productivity. Haiz, been double banking me for 2 days to listen to the calls. Suprising or dunno why during tat period of time the calls seems to be ok. LOL!! No Dispute *touch wood* cases. Managed to pcik up 12 calls in tat hr. Managed to pick at least 9 calls for past 2 days. Can tell u it’s not the motivation tat u gave us counseling ok. . it’s wat I see in myself when I put in ur position.

Today again, 1 of my colleague, Sue showed me a letter. Asking if it’s nice or not, haiz the letter demoralize me, suddenly haf no mood to pick up calls at that moment. . She’s leaving the company too. Another fun loving colleague leaving~~ haizzz trying hard not to emo, I wan to stay happy as long as I can!! Anyway all the best to you in ur future career where u might be at. If that side gd, pull all of us over~~ LOL!!!

Last but not least Happy 18th birthday to Jeremy didi!! Same wish i sent u earlier on. Str8 A's for ur "A" Lvls!! U can do it~~ =D ask u how to pass u the present dun wan tell me. . . every yr like tat . . .

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Monday Blueeeee
12:00 AM

Woke up late today. . .even thou i working afternoon shift = den take cab down to work place. Cecilia came over and give counselling to most of the colleagues ba. . For me this few mths been sick taking MCs & stats drop.

Wondering they always taught us muz gif customer the "human touch" den they stay but r u all practising it with your internal customer ?? I doubt so if not there won't be so many ppl leaving. Some 1 told me this company dun retrench ppl but make they leave themself and i'm wondering yea, it's so true. Totally agreed!! Wondering wat my working life will be w/o Carol, Danica,Kelly they all. Always chit chat till no government lol!! There's oso my fault ba, always chat and doing stuff which makes me happy =S and bz tinking alot of things.

That's all for the Monday blue ba, trying hard for 1)2)3) =) I wan my holiday trip oso!!! ARGGHHH

Rest well Di~ no more sun tan lotion for u =X

Gdnite all, off to slp~

Monday, July 20, 2009
1:38 AM

Almost 1 wk didn't blog again =X Been bz =)

Lets start off frm my medical review ba, took half day leave for it heh. Doc says scar healing well. . The leg swollen nuthing to do wif op. After tat went I LU MA, to pai game =) actually juz wan to use msn lol!!! tried DOW2 again heh. Very nice game, bought the game liao but but but.... Sorry di, my comp specs not gd enough to support it. . . sian. . . muz invest in comp liao. Alot of things got to save and buy.
Went to meet ah di at redhill MRT, Andy met us there too, so we took train to Jurong west den to Yishun. Hate taking train @ 6-7. . super crowded!! Did 1 memory test at Mc Donald, scored 80%?? wahahaa!! Meet up banban n alex there too, they came 20 mins late. Den off to watched Harry Pottteeerrr!!! V nice movie!!!!! OMGOMGOMG. . can't wait till the last part liao lo!!!!

Friday - supposed to go goldenmile book tix for genting trip wif Daren but he fly my kite. . sian. . dun think he had started the planning yet. . die! Tml muz rush him liao.
Sat - went Sentosa @ 9am!!! OMG nv been there so early be, supposingly to meet at 8 end up late late abit lo. . 3 person fly our kite, nv go. . . End up only 4 of us went{William(Stgabriel), Roy,di and me} went. Di abit dsappionted when i meet him in the morning. Nv met william & Roy b4. Roy super extreme quiet, i tink he is more quiet den me(last time). Super extreme de, treat s invisible de =X hahaha. Tried v hard to start off some conversation wif him. Bought mat, play cards, enjoy the SUN, sea and fresh air there. Took some pic, u can see a shiny body there! Ah di put the sun tan lotion like bathing wif soap = haha!! Spent few hrs there den proceed to iluma to pai game. Played few games like l4d,dow2 there heh. Finally Roy started to tok a little bit. . but gave me a super unforgetable memory. While playing DOW2 fighting against William and Di, he fell aslp!!! OMG OMG!! didn't realise it till we r losing badly and he just stand there and watch. LOL! woke him up liao den he slp again... kaoz. hen pei fu ni leh Roy. . LOL!! Pai game for 4hrs den go Hougang eat Western fooooodd, Roy left due to going to his grandma place for dinner but at last he tok! It took quite awhile. =D we so friendly de ppl, dun be shy~~

Di & Me
Roy & Di
William & Di
Me, William & Di

After eating, went up to Malona place to watch movie~~ Andy came over too. thou the 1st show i totally dun understand the 1st movie, 2nd movie make it up abit ba LOL!!! Thx alot for 2 free moviesss wif sweet cornsss~~ but i got do my job ok?? turning on the lights and water forrrrr wahahaha!! William left halfway coz he got lesson on the next day. We left the place ard 1am coz getting late and tired after Sentosa trip. Went Mac coz di want to drink den chat till 2+. Went over to di hse to stay for the night. Supposingly to slp early but ended up watching funshion for awhile coz hair still wet after bathing =X
Woke up quite early to eat breakfast bought by di's dad. Thx alot for the Wanton Meeeeeee. Watched 2 more movies after tat. V nice movie looo, di dun do silly things!! =X wahaha. Went dinner at sunshie plaza, the store wanted to dine in close le den we eat Wanton Mee for again wahaha! Favourite fd ma =) Dropped by 1 of the lan shop to pai game =D played DOW2 and audition. . My reaction v slow lo, and can't multi task when i hear the music i like!!! =( played till 12 den throw di home n here i am at home again. Tml working afternoon shift so can slp abit later heh. Suddenly i start hating afternoon shift so much !! coz i can't go out in the evening... Need to feeeeedddd 1)2)3) heh.
Last of all, loved my wkends nowadays!!! Enjoyed it so much! thx alot to Lona,William, Roy, Andy, di!!

Special thx to the organiser!!!

U made a difference!! wahahaaha

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
11:46 PM

Hi All,

Nuthing much happen for past few days, went to work, took 1 day MC on Tues due to XXXXXX. Went dye hair wif ah di. didn't manage to take any picture of it. Thou the place is quite far located at Paya Lebar, but the hair stylist is super friendly. Treat us drink, bubble tea =D thou i dun like to milk tea but thx alot. Will let u try cutting my hair the next round, let's see wat will happen =D

After that went to illuma to pai cue LOL!!! End up pai game =D Superman or batman!! =X played 1 hr, dota awhile den i got dc, di oso leave game. Tried out Dawn of war II, quite a nice game. Nice graphics! Wanted to buy the game today but ended up the comics connection closed for renovation, popular and 1 game shop doesn't haf it. Guess only able to get it tml.

Tml going for medical review le, my leg seems recovering fast wif the medicine again. Of coz wif a pric of diarrhoea as side effect Hope when i stop it, it will nv come back again =X The scar seems lighten i guess lol!! the 12 lines disappearing soon. Will be watching HARRY POTTER TML!!!! wooot!!! had booked the tix on last Sunday for 5 at YGV =D will let u all know my reviewwwww~~~

Dad told me mummy hamster ran out of cage this morning, luckily he found her at the living. Muz be my maid la, clean cage nv close all the holes tightly. Or te 5 babies will be w/o mummy le. . Will try to post pic of the hammy when i got time ok. . .

Last of all, srry di for past few days of emoing. Will cheer up as promised. Max n kim!!! =X

Sunday, July 12, 2009
11:45 PM

OMG almost 2 wks nv blog le. . been Very busy these few days, juz went back to work, leg still swollen sad. . . fail call stats, 4gotten most of the products LOL but i tink still handling well heh. Miss my colleagues, chat wif few of them, Cindy is leaving the dept oso le. .. kaoz getting lesser n lesser colleagues tat r close. =X Carol go gif birth den i faint liao my seat there left Kelly nia =\

Moving on, offically got 1 more di ba =D hanging out wf the group for the past few days, going movie(Ice age) banban's shopping, firefly drinking, BUONO VISTA BK!!! follow by Ikea for lona's funiture and last stop Illuma for GE cw! Enjoy's alot thx alot ah di and whomever wif me. Been stuck at home for 24days. Spent alot too =X cab here n there thx to my swollen leg. . . will be posting some pics for the past few days.

Talk abt ea of the event abit more ba, went to catch movie wif di and lona, i like a so odd there, u u u know why har bo pain i can't reject u. =X v nice movie!! went to far east to eat chicken rice follow by mango snow shake. . . den walk walk ard wif my swollen leg which is killing me softly wif it's pain!! Took cab back home after the movie, send both back home den i tio midnight charge !!! LOL.

Following by the Friday, di jio me go shopping, wif banban and daren +(PT whu suppose to come, end up fly kite). Went orchard wif sandals!!! and ugly wearing =X meet up di, ban,daren & his boss at Lido again, went to Eat Korean BBQ(Not v nice) i didn't eat much at all, bz cooking nia LOL. .

Me & di (waiting for food to arrive)

supposed to pei banban go shopping, end up she went herself while we eat. She bought a v nice item for Donny~~ *Jealous* joking***!! LOL after dinner we went to eat desert!!! at dunno wat hotel heh. Banban says the fd V V NICE. Guess wat happen, when we reach the hotel, she approached 1 of the staff and ask where's the cafe, END UP IT'S WIND UP ITS BUSINESS 4 YRS AGO!! LOL!! omg, den the staff intro us to 1 of their cafe in the hotel. Nice place, wif candles(Refer to pic below). Ordered deserrrrtttsss, overal v nice the fd, gd place to hang out wif ur love ones.


Our Deserts!!!!

Di, Banban & Daren

Di & Banban

One of the CD i bought for di(the song v nice wor)

Went to CD shop to buy cd for di. Supposed to go home after tat den suddenly pop up 1 SEAN!!! joining to go chill out at firefly wif his wife. Was wearing sandals, nv tot of going in. . end up there rent shoes for ppl at the cost of $30(refundable). so went in to take a look lo. Den drink
drink play the 5-10 game(dunno wat name) lose lose drink drink. Di drink till v high lol!!! the place quite nice wif entertaining band. Thx SEAN SO MUCH for the free drink =X Went back ard 2++,i send di home n daren send ban home. Heard ban VOMIT =X didnt notice she drink tat tat much too LOL!!.

Fireflies group photo~~ Sean pro sia~~

Ah di abit GG liao, tax driver scared he vomit in the cab, keep asking me is he ok, will he vomit. Luckily he didn't juz slept thru the whole journey. I see him cannot walk up himself de, so i alight from the cab to bring him up to his hse. As i expected, he really GG =X Throw him back to his rm, suppose to go home but stay over coz di said he got work at 9am. Scared he can't get up. Didn't get manage to get much slp till 8am when i wake him up den he said HE TOOK LEAVE OMG OMG OMG!!! i was so tired!!! den finally i slp in peace till 2 or 3pm ?? Had Macdonalds for lunch den get ready to go home le coz celebrating Ethel's bday at night. Thx di for the hamster fd n extension. Srry i still didn't get the chance to put them up.

So next abit on Ethel's bday ba, same like last yr, went for dinner den KTV, as usual i'm not a gd singer LOL but i loved music =X went KTV wif Ethel,sylvia,reima,wl and 2 of ethel's colleagues i tink. THEY CHEAT!! gang up wanting to make me drunk!!! i lose n lose n lose n lose sian . . . LOL!!! Ethel gif chance let me rest or maybe i sure get drunk de. B4 we go drank the liquor wif STRAW, omg tats like a throwing myself to die stance -.- KTV session ends at 6am, reach home faster slp coz going to IKEA~~

Ah di woke me up at 1040 and says meeting @ 1230(BUONO ViSTA MRT) OMG my journey to there sure takes v long de, so the lazy me gave a few excuses and took cab there. . .18.4 to reach there. end up every1 late. . . WALK TO dunno where and had our "V NICE" BK!!! LOL!!!! skip few details here, went IKEA FiNaLlY, picked up Andy n window shop for Lona's bedroom funiture. Di is the 1 whu suppose to plan her rm layout, so juz accompany him walk and see =X

I saw a computer chair i tink i will be getting for myself ba, 198 quite reasonable price ba. After tat took 147 to SMU where we walk to illuma. Last min jumped off the bus coz we bz watching fantasic 4 lol!(There's 197 which can save us frm walking abit but di doesn't know). Played GE there, v nice place wif v nice comps, seats, AIRCON which freezes many.

Played GE till 10pm heh went off ard 10+++ ba, took cab home AGAIN frm BUGIS and here i 'm blogging.

Really thx alot ah di for these few days. Enjoyed it alot =D refer to past few days conversation

Banban~~ wheres the photos in ur camera ?? Daren wheres ur too~~ come on share share =X