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Sunday, June 7, 2009
6:38 PM

Last day of the wk didn't go out. . Lazy + saving $$ & woke up late today =X
Slept late yesterday or shld say v early this morning. Playing DOTA with Ethel Reima & Ming. Stupid Gareena down, make me download hamachi and faces some problem logging in. After Ethe provide me te site with the trouble shooting, finally it was resolved. Too long nv play the game le, super noob . . keep dying n dying. . . New program downloaded, Skype, allow out to haf unlimited incoming and outgoing calls =X Better den all providers LOL!

Ok la, play few games till 5+++ den plow the farm town till fed up finally done and place the stupid seeds in. Waste almost an hr doing that, den off to slp.

Woke up ard 1pm today, 1 round of DOTA again =X Den off to eat lunch and clean up the hamster cage. When i'm free den i take some pics of them and post it here.

That's all for now~