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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
12:49 AM

erm, been staying at home these few days resting. Till now i guessed all know Micheal Jaskon pass away le. Not really a fan of him but remembered him during my childhood ba. Played his game den can use some type of special den will make all the bad guys dance n die. . . really a legend. His music will still lives with us. The 2 songs in my blog was my so call fav ba of all he sang. R.I.P MJ

after removing the stitches for few days, today had funy feelings on the area. Felt internal pain, maybe blue black inisde ? dunno but the pain is bareable. Only will feel it if i touch on the op area. Hopes its fine n healing fast.

That's all for now :)

Friday, June 26, 2009
3:00 PM

1 more week of holiday b4 work starts !!! Went to polyclinic to remove my stitches today. Total of 6, felt nervous at 1st but end up no feeling at all, like pulling out of hair -.= Nurse said the wound looks gs, didn't get a chance to see it b4 she covered it again for another 2 more days LOL.

Ok, the company sent me some fruits wishing me a speedy recovery. 1 of the TL's sent regards via company email. Danica asking me to go back early but i doubt i will be back early. .

Went to watch Transformers, quite nice show ba to me. Alot of actions(maybe abit too fast), come fast go fast lol. Overall nice graphics,animation, sound. stroyline not bad. Just tat the bad guys this time round seems too weak. Waiting for next show!!! G.I Joe =D

Past few nights been dota-ing, just started to play GE again to train to master coz too bored at home lol. Got an alarm call this morning at 6 =.=

Been a gd boi too lol!! eating vege and less meat for the scar lo. . . got to last 1 mth w/o my EGG!! sad.

That's all for now =D

Monday, June 22, 2009
3:52 PM

heh, didn't post for the past 1 wk. Suppose to report work at new place last Monday, didn't go due to stupid sickness. Admitted into hospital at TTSH, didn't inform many ppl abt it lol!!. So need to go for operation. I tink that's the 3rd operation in my life ba, this time it's for appendix infection or Appendicitis. 1st is for my forehead which i barely remember it at all since it was operated when i am v v v young. 2nd was my disc at the back, 3rd was this. Stayed in the hospital for 3 days b4 got discharged.

Like to blog a little more on the operation ba, went in during midnight. Felt so scared lol!! dunno y, i dun even remember feeling this when i am having my 2nd operation which involved more risk LOL!!. Maybe getting older den more timid ?? heh. The doctor explained to me the whole procedure b4 they start. Sound v er xin de, so those with weak heart DO NOT proceed on reading. 1) suppose i will fall aslp, insert a tube for me to breathe,den will cut a whole near my stomach, take oust 1/3 of my intestine and find the infected part which is the appendix den cut off lo, follow by stuff the intestine back and sew the flesh together. LOL, my 1st thought was OMG!! y he explained to me!!, if not i won't know den just go thou the process quickly. Anyway, no time to worry abt. Next they put me to slp le, after 4-5 intake of the anesthesia gas?? thats makes me fall aslp w/o knowing it. Glad i'm back alive!! heh. Still got alot of things to do.

1st day after operation normally is the worst cause the anesthesia is losing it's effect and i will start feeling the pain. Pain killer was given to me 1 to 2 times ba b4 i can manage the pain. After 1 day of the operation the big doctor allows me to go home n rest le cause i'm feeling better. Finally out from hospital. Given 24days hospitalisation leave !!! LOL. All Danica's fault. Ask me take HL HL, now really HL. LOL!!

From the stay, i realise i'm wif a v bad company. =\ My manager's, leaders, whoever is incharged of me didn't even bother to ask. I tink they r just fedup wif my HL's due to manpower shortage and is it my fault? GL to u all, this is wat i can say.

Moving on, gout attack after this infection, i tink taken bean sprout during the hospital stay a. Swollen super big. Hope t can recover fast. The operation wound is healing fast ba, so far no infection frm it. Friday den can remove the stitches =X, the nurse so funny count how many stitches for me.

Anyway that's all for now, time to rest my body for faster recovery. Even i'm alright i won't be going back to the heartless place. =D

Monday, June 15, 2009
15 June 09
12:42 AM

OMG, been slacking for a wk =X Didn't post anything at all. Heh, bz playing FB lo and working mid shift for the week. Moving hse to new place at so far! Tai Seng~~ Havent calculate the time to reach there. . . tml surely late de lo.

Nothing to blog for past few days ba, been staying at home, saving $$. For this mth, instead of saving more $$ end up i spent even more. Didn't even save a cent for the mth. . . still overspend. . .kaoz Next mth will be a hard 1 for me -.-

Today cab down to new place, unpack things, nothing much to do. Go ther take OT pay nia =X den actually waiting for Carol, but she took too long to reach =X So Wah sent me & Danica to Taka. Went to Braun Buffel to get wallet for didi bday. Finally used the voucher i got from company last yr =X . Eat pineapple rice at the fd court den drink my fav ORANGE JULIUS !! dunno how to spell LOL. Was thinking to get another present but can't find anything suitable. Went to buy something for myself instead. Kaoz, bought a watch. Posted some pic up. Quite like it =D wearing it to work tml!!

Thx Danica for shopping wif me today.

That's all for now ba, got to slp early.

Sunday, June 7, 2009
6:38 PM

Last day of the wk didn't go out. . Lazy + saving $$ & woke up late today =X
Slept late yesterday or shld say v early this morning. Playing DOTA with Ethel Reima & Ming. Stupid Gareena down, make me download hamachi and faces some problem logging in. After Ethe provide me te site with the trouble shooting, finally it was resolved. Too long nv play the game le, super noob . . keep dying n dying. . . New program downloaded, Skype, allow out to haf unlimited incoming and outgoing calls =X Better den all providers LOL!

Ok la, play few games till 5+++ den plow the farm town till fed up finally done and place the stupid seeds in. Waste almost an hr doing that, den off to slp.

Woke up ard 1pm today, 1 round of DOTA again =X Den off to eat lunch and clean up the hamster cage. When i'm free den i take some pics of them and post it here.

That's all for now~

Friday, June 5, 2009
1st day of work!! =X
12:38 AM

Finally went to work, was either on leave or on MC these few days. Stupid sickness comes again. These 2 mths so many MC's haiz. . My appraisal sure GG, bonus next yr sure v little -.-

Didn't blog for 2 days coz sick & busy playing PSP n FB =X . Addicted to so many games lol!!

Ok la start off with bought 2 cute little hamster home, buy new cage, food, shower thingy, so many things. Spend quite a bit on them. Now 2 of them bz playing outside =D lol!! Cannot get puppy ma so go for smaller pets lo.

Went to work today, expected fail call stats during the evening time. Pack up things getting ready to move over to new hse at Tai Seng. So damn far! Must calculate the time to get there n get home -.- Many colleagues concern abt my leg, thx alot! Will try to control my food =X but this stupid thing randomly come de lo -.-

That's all for now. Di seems to be missing o.0 Gdnite!

Monday, June 1, 2009
1st June 2009
11:30 PM

1st day of June le, rotting at home today. Basically addicted to FB games. Throw away quite alot of stuff , trying to change some furniture in my bedroom. A list of items i need to buy n change !!

Took cab to see doc coz late for appointment. End up still late for appointment -.- miss appointment timing den wait for almost 1 hr den my turn . . .

Next appointment was scheduled 3 mths later after 1st problem solve. ARGH! See doc n get many medicine nia almost 200 gone liao -.- Luckily didn't go Genting heh

Tomorrow start work lo, after slacking so long. Shuyi left BHD le, her last day was on Friday =\ All the best to her at the new dept. Another old bird gone, getting lesser & lesser ppl. Wat to do haiz. Sen oso hand up resignation letter giving 1 mth notice, left all the new comers nia. . . whole BHD like reforming -.- Moving to new working place on the 15th of June, haiz so far. . circle train faster up leh den will take me 30 - 45mins to work ba.

That's all for now!