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Sunday, May 31, 2009
1st post!! 31th May
11:31 PM

Offically this blog starts it function, anything to addon or improve please let me know.

Last day of May le so fast, 2009 reaches the mid yr.

On leave on Friday and Monday, supposingly going for holiday but cancel it last min. So Stayed at home n rot =D. Leg still wan recover den dun wan to recover fully -.- Setup this blog, went to aunt hse and stay over for a day. Played Dynasty warrior on xbox, play till hand numb -.-

Still addicted to facebook games -.- lol!! PT asked to go white wiz(dun rem the name) try comp for ge but i didn't go coz of my leg. Went for CW in GE for awhile, finally got things to fight after so long. Too long nv play GE le, dunno how to PK liao. Just anyhow spam skills, armor & weapon too weak can't do much =.=

Thx to my cousin Sharon sending me to AMK MRT den i take cab back =X lazy to take train today heh.

So here i am again at home. . . TML going to see doc le, hopes everything goes well. =D
That's all for today, got to rest early. Gdnite

Friday, May 29, 2009
- - - - - - C O N T R U C T I O N - - - - - -
12:40 AM

Contruction in progress. . .
Currently any feedback on the layout ??