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Friday, December 25, 2009
Merry Christmas!!!!
11:37 PM

So fast yr end le, got my AWS and went shopping spree =X Bought lots & lots of gifts for my colleagues and friends. Hope that u all like the gifts that i run ard getting =X I know i got bad taste LOL!! Got myself a present too! A 3GS 32GB Iphone =X Playing with it's function and application, bought Ifrogz ear piece. The Ipod is shiok sia, can't even turn the volume to loudest coz it's really v loud.... =.= Loved the Iphone, loved the PC i bought for myself too!! =X There's lots of things i want to buy but... need to save up abit as i promised =X

I'm glad that the stupid things i had done few mths ago ended fast or i won't be getting these for myself =D Working pace is mad, recently launched Iphone den the call queue is like crazy, hitting 300++ on que for GE. Even till today que still at 100+ everyday, den follow by dunning dunning dunning. My stats sucks LOL!! End of the yr mood it's on =)

Was v happy yesterday hanging out, oso managed to keep touch with 1 of my favourite student =D Been 4 yrs!!! i tink it's the 1st time u replied my sms LOL!!! Keep in touch and study hard!!

Didi enlisted into army lo~ =D enjoy the fun and training inside!!

Made a step out for a change but pause for quite long.. LOL srry these few days bz working and enjoying the festive season will continue soon. Wait for me harrrr

There's something in my mind i can't let go off, ermmm y i'm slow? It's ok. Patient =) Accept me for whu i am, wat i am going to change into. Releasing myself back, i wan to try, i wan try out everything including this =)