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Saturday, September 19, 2009
Wonderful Night
7:34 PM

Mysterious Person!!!

Went to KTV last night with Ethel, Eugene, Jason, Sylvia, Wan Lin. Enjoyed it alot, forgotten all my troubles which i had in the week. Got high very fast =X LOL!! i tink got abit drunk ba, losing my senses and my comfort zone =)

I think that's the gd thing about drinking ba, 4get ur worries and do things ur "senses" often stopped u from doing.

As usual, sing till 6am den cab home. Slept till almost 4pm lol. . . Suprisingly Jason KO quite early. My Birthday he oso nv KO so fast lo =X

WL & Me

Evil Duck beside me X.X

Eugene, Ethel, Sylvia, Wan Lin

Will be uploading pictures later on, currently trying to back up all my photos into my lappy and thumbdrive. Yesterday took pic half way the phone prompts not enough memory in memory card. Luckily still got space in phone or i dunno wat to del le heh.

1st time i tink 1GB memory card not enough =X ok la the pictures from 1 yr ago still in my phone lo =X Upgrading handset soon. . waiting for the phone to launch, hopefully will save enough $$by den lol!!

Working hard. . .

Mysterious Person Reveals!!!

Ethel & Sylvia