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Monday, September 21, 2009
Dinner + movie
4:34 AM

Woke up at 3++ today, went for haircut at Jean Yip, bond my hair abit. The hair stylist cut hair like nv cut de lo =.= Left 2 more session with them, now they ask me sign up 10 more sessions. LOL =X

Rush home to change, den head over to MRT to meet Wan Lin for dinner + movie at Vivo. Reached Vivo trying to find the Thai restaurant at B2 not the Thai express la i tot there's 1 more there at B2 end up can't find the shop. Went up to Level 2 to eat Thai Accent instead. Ordered pineapple rice, WL ordered her fav as usual =X Tried out "Thai" soya milk & "Thai" Ice Kachang.

Overall the food quite nice lo. WL says it's better den Secret Recipe =X Once again, dun ever eat there lol!!. Walk walk abit den head to 1 of the book store and read some books. Read till the shop close den head to Starbucks to drink coffee and continue chatting. The movie was at 12am so still got lots of time b4 the show starts.

2nd time visiting gold class at Vivo ba, watched "Inglourios Basterds". This time i order more food to try it out =X The movie last almost 3hrs!! wa . . i nv realise times flies so fast. Maybe 1 of the reason is due to the seats super comfortable ba, so nv realise time flies so fast heh =)

Cabbed home from St. James, finally i got to know where is tat place.

Overall enjoyed so much, thanks alot & hope u enjoy it too thou i'm a bad planner =X I will learn to be better =D