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I'll wait for you darling.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009
3:51 PM

Been "quite" occupied these with days. Played Tic Tac Toe on msn wif ,Samuel di, WL, Ethel, Eugene. Won few times XD. Owns Samuel di, really thx alot for remembering my birthday, i don't expect u to rem it at all coz u been missing for more den half a yr LOL!!! At night, got myself to Swensen at Ion to have the desert buffet!! Thou both of my legs were swollen. . . Finally long time nv eat Swensen le~~ Thx Ethel, Eugene, Jason, Roy, Sylvia, Wan Lin for accompany me for tat nite. Staying at home is killing me lol!! After the dinner went over to a lan shop to play dota.

Thx alot for everything and all the greetings be it from sms, fb, email.

Past 2 days been cabbing to work, super poor for this mth le, got to wait till 20th to get pay=X
Den family problem getting worst haizz. Been dota-ing and chating in skype till late night

Been slping the whole day lol!! guess too tired and recovering from the swollen leg. . . Will be catching a movie with di later.

Cya all & thx alot, been v long ever since i enjoyed so much during my birthday