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Monday, September 14, 2009
12:14 AM

Played WC3 at home with the usual gang till 7++ am!! Den went to slp, woke up at ard 2-3pm. OMG half of my Sunday gone!! =X Had a last min lunch wif Wanlin, thx for coming to Sembawang to haf lunch and srry can't stay long due to dinner appointment at my aunty place. Sembawang library got limited range of books avail to loan =X If u got books u want to loan, do visit other larger libraries.

Head over to aunt hse, quite alot of peeps had already arrived. Been quite a while since last visit =X almost 4gotten how to get there. Had BBQ steamboat for dinner!! =X Didn't eat much coz of the Zinger burger yet to disgest. Sharon & aunt said i become thinner =.= i tot i getting fatter lo. . i tink they got poor memory =X lol!!! Stay till Million Star finish den cab home.

Here i am back home rotting, mentally preparing for tml work.
Thx alot ah di =D Those whu want to know whu is he, do visit his blog =)