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Saturday, September 12, 2009
9:15 PM

Wkend finally arrive!! Been a bz wk coaching new colleagues, can't really use internet & msn coz got to show them the right thing to do. Quite piss off when i was told to coach 1 and pick up my calls. Multi task as in type listen talk is ok la, how am i going to multi task by listening to my call n rush to listen hers. Heard Cecilia is leaving soon, sad she's wonderful leader lo. . . haiz. . i going to die soon like this. Trying hard to hang on the line.

Friday nite went out for steamboat, didn't really want to go coz no more $$. . all confiscated. . but WL gave me a reason tat i die die muz go & paid for my buffet!!! Don't really like to owe ppl $$, but she doesn't wan to let me know her bank account so i can transfer her today =\ For once i tink i eat quite alot for the steamboat, i tink coz i getting fatter rite? =X after that went to pai arcade. Supposed to rush for cab b4 midnight charges starts end up 4getting the CBD area add $3 =.= Srry guys lol!! Paid Ethel the remaining $$ i haf, thx alot will treat u back =)

Was supposed to play Hero Siege when i reach home, bathed den i saw the auto restart thingy after the auto update, went to my bed n lay down end up fell aslp =.=

Woke up at 10++, ah di ask me for lunch & just in time $$ rescue so i head over to Hougang to meet him. Met Andy 1st at den di came along, Had Mac for lunch, head over to his hse. Played PS3 over there, wash Shirei hse, ordered Mac over for dinner.

Sent di over to his party place den took MRT home. At 1st waited to go over to Comex since i at Marina den too lazy and too many ppl there liao. Had a warm bath n sitting at home now.

- To the person whu sms me rubbish yesterday - Don't talk to me when u drink, I didn't disappoint u instead u choose to let me go long time ago. If u feels like dying, thats ur life, u decide. U ruin mine once, nothing can mend it back & i mean it, NOTHING.