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Saturday, September 5, 2009
9:25 AM

Start of with Thursday nite - Went Vivo city to catch movie with ah di. 1st time watching movie in a gold class cinema. Super expensive but very comfortable seats better den watching it at home, got blanket too!! super shiok lol!! the food oso v ex. Watched "The Time Traveller's Wife"., was a v touching, sad romantic movie. . . makes me feel like crying ok... i know la my emotion can easily get affected but it's really a nice movie and worth it. Ppl who likes love story movie, muz go watch it~ Sad part was the actor can't be with wife most of the time coz he is not able to control his ability to time travel and till he found out when will he die. Last for almost 2 hrs, sent ah di home after tat.

Late for work on Friday as usual LOL!! been slping quite late these few days, woke up at 6 for morning call den oversleep =X Skip my work part ba, not a v gd day at work. Received birthday present from my colleagues. Thx Wah, Cecilia, Danica, Jann, Kelly, Ru Xin, William, Wei Liang & special thx to Carol & Ethan baby for getting the present =X

Went over to PS to catch movie again LOL!! With Ethel, Eugene, Jason, Sylvia & Wan Lin. G-force!!! the Guinea pigs soooooo CUTE!!! OMG !!! but i i love hamster more!! =X hahaha. After movie went to lan shop pai dota =X After dota went for supper but i didn't eat heh, was v tired. Halfway thru the supper, suddenly rains heavily =.= Run in the rain get into a cab and fly home for my few hrs of slp.

Late for work again and super tired now at work =X
1 last ting, DO NOT EAT at PS Secret Recipe, waiting time long, service sucks, food sucks!