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Saturday, August 8, 2009
2:09 PM

These few days a bit bz ba, rejected chill out at double o on wed, Thursday a bit emo emo day at work coz of Carol, doesn't want to go into more details, i almost tear too. I can't stand seeing ppl close to me in tears thou it's not becoz of me. Too emotional guy =X

Evening met up wif ah di and lona, dinner at Mos, long time nv eat le!! Shop ard for story books den went down to Borders to continue shopping for books =X Lona found an interesting book she likes but di can't find his ending up buying the Thai CD. Had a little chat at Starbucks, di dun be upset of it ok?

Friday as usual work work, dinner with Ethel,Sylvia,Vincent,Walin at Pariss. Seafood buffet . . I dun really eat much, the meal cost $47 ea =.= Vincent & sylvia was the joke of the day ba, 1 say the theme of the buffet shld be related to sea but y there's crocodile meat there. Ethel suan him wif the chicken & beef lol!!! Next was Sylvia, we playing the black & white game to eat the mash mallow. Dunno how to go into details but u all know har, lol!! next time we play the game muz gif a little hint like twisting the arm LOL!!!! make me laugh non stop =X

Next stop, KTV session as usual, was drinking quite abit coz bz thinking of things.. Enjoyed thenite playing games. Went home at 4am, slp at 5. Some pictures i took on tat day. Designer: WL

Flying Kick

Duckie =X

Syl & WL

Heart (Who's ?.?)