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Sunday, August 30, 2009
2:25 PM

Ethel, WL, Me, Ethel, Syl, Vincent
Had my birthday celebration yesterday. Start of with dinner at Ion, supposingly to eat Swensen but the queue super long =\ Met up wif Ethel at Sembawang MRT, den head over to YCK and wait for ming lastly Sylvia outside Swensen. Decided not to wait for the queue and walk ard sourcing for another place to have the dinner. Everywhere was so pack and queued wif lots of ppl. Finally we decided to eat at Xin Wang as there's no queue =X

Ordered curry chicken rice for dinner, the aunty trying very hard to sell off her membership and srry ending up i nv sign at all =X Thanks Ethel for the dinner treat =)

After dinner we walked over to Cine for the main event of the day. The KTV was so super big where i didn't invite that many ppl along. Thx Ethel,Sylvia, Patrick(Manager) for getting such a big room.

Some unexpected guest, really thx alot for coming even for a short while and srry for not inviting u all =X Thx to Bin,Mich,PT,Curry, Daren for poping by.

Took alot of picturessss, got high quite early lol. Don't know how i take 50++ pictures!! Then follow by drunk state. Vomit =.= & let out alot of stress =X 1st time got drunk, Thx alot Ethel, Eugene & Vincent for sending me home. Finally know how drunk feels =) still awake but can't walk, think str8. Thx alot for those whu stay wif me till 6am, Ethel, Eugene, Ferris, Jason, Sylvia, Wan Lin & Vincent =D Xie xie ni men pei wu du guo zhe yi ye. It's a unforgetable memory, hope u all enjoy it too =D

Will post some of the pic here, remaining will be all in FB.

Syl, Ethel, Me, WL & Ferris

Me & Ethel

Eugene & me

Syl & Me

Ferris & Me

Jason & me

WL & Me

Vincent, Syl, Jason, Eugene, Ethel, WL, Ferris