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Sunday, August 2, 2009
1:48 PM

Ask me the truth wise, i'm super happy yesterday thou i causes so much unhappiness. Don't get it the wrong way but i don't want to elaborate more onto it. =)

As mentioned yesterday was a boring day at work. Was upset over something irrelevant. Met ah di at night and again at Lona hse to catch 2 movies, 1408 & My bloody Valentine. 1408 i watch b4 le, so nothing much to comment. Only quite disappointed with bloody Valentine ba, i tot will be a v nice show end up it's like trying to make it very er xin & trying hard to put in 3D graphics into it. Still thx alot lona for the place to hang out & most important my onli meal yesterday(bee hoon), rambutan!!! It's v nice, i dun lie de lo =) Too bad it's late at nite or i sure wan to haf more! This time she nv scream, but *hides behind di. LOL!!! movie ends close to 3 ba, send di home den cab home.

I think i'm worrying too much, since i put myself in liao shouldn't be running away from it. Wat brothers r for! I'm ready to face it even if it happens and most important is i trust u.

Early in the morning been nag n nag, my financier found out my spending this mth. Trust me I'm v happy ok? Somethings i know got to save but somethings can't be bought. Next mth i will save back la =\ dun be upset, i will be back ;)