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Thursday, August 27, 2009
11:07 AM

Wed – went out for a movie outing with ah di, Lona, Andy. Watched Final Destination in 3D, was quite nice thou I felt tat it can be improve. I still prefer other FD series den this. . . the ending sucks -.-
Me & Ah di
Andy & Ah Di
Went over to Esplanade to walk walk, watch scenery walk walk abit, sent all of them home. Took cab home, bath, upset, didn’t slp much.
Late at work today, cab down, taxi driver take wrong turn, causes me super late. . . break down at work due to ongoing stuff, srry to cause whoever concern abt me worried. Thx Carol,Kelly,Sylvia whu came to me and talk & my TL Cecilia to approve my urgent leave.

Walking ard aimlessly, den suddenly heavy rain, caught in the rain. I'm not going to continue the since its over. Been cabbing ard due to heavy rain, den went PS buy new shirt coz the shirt even dry liao got a smell =X

Head over my fav shop, long time nv buy things for myself le. Bought a top & bought a v cute bread. AIYA i nv take pic of it. DI, take the pic n send me!! den head over Ion to meet di. Since he still working, i roam ard, the things there super exp =X Saw a v nice cute thing at Artbox but it's their last piece. . . thx to Ethel helped me to search for the nearest shop, den i rush down to Bugis n get it =D den rush back to Ion. Luckily reached there in time b4 di arrive. Went over to a Jap restaurant to have dinner. To me the food there v nice, better den Iciban. Will go find out the name den let u all know heh. Went shopping for some clothing den took bus to Cine. At there did some exercise for an hr -.- Sent di home, b4 leaving he surprised me with something that I nv anticipate. =)
Last of all, thx alot for all the concern especially to Didi(whu chat wif me till morning), Di (for tonite), Lona ( chat wif me awhile yesterday nite).