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Monday, August 24, 2009
8:16 PM

Slept v early yesterday, so long nv go to slp so early. Due to past few days nv slp well ba, woke up wif great spirit. =D morning call, didn't late for work. Feeling great but i didn't hit my stats =X wahahaha . . .

It's 1 wk to my big day =X . . .getting v old. Woke up with a resolution for the yr . . .LOL !!! normally ppl say new yr den got resolution. . . mine different. Till next resolution =X Let me list it out.
1) Treat myself better
2) Treat all ppl whu r close to me better, dun make them unhappy
3) Learn driving
4) Earn & save lots of $$ to support 1)2)3)
5) Don't always emo
6) Make more friends

Dunno why so happy today leh. . . erm, heh =D xie xie ni
Tml afternoon shift, got to go out early to the morning to see something. Got to spend alot again, for me for you =)