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Saturday, August 22, 2009
8:50 AM

Been awhile since my last update, not really bz for the wk juz tat lazy to blog =X

Nothing much happen for the past few days, dun really remember them too. Went out for dinner on Wed nite wif Ethel,Reima,syl & WL, played DOTA, watch movie, Thursday went out wif di to buy his dream wallet. Glad that he very happy wif it. Friday went out wif Ethel grp for dinner at SSC. They came over to my hse to see my hamy =) Gave them some funny nicknames =.=

Been a wk thinking of decision. Can't really make up my mind and decide wat i really want. Till now i still doesn't have any answer, not blogging it down here, kept in another 1.

Sat, sian working today, boring. . . can't go out. . . Hungry Ghost Festival start le but i still go home late almost everynite -.- Facing some problems at home adding on to the stress with my decision. Some signs/external factors r forcing my decision. haizzz