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Monday, August 17, 2009
12:10 AM

Was asked to do something n Friday, did halfway gif up. Tot really can endure it but seems like will power too weak.

Sat, Went for haircut in the early noon, Saw This singer at SSC to promote his new album. After that went over to di hse at late noon, cleaned up Shireii's hse den meet Lona for dinner. Had Mac Donald's, went back to di hse again to watch movie as usual. This wk airing was Strangers & Eagle Eye. Was watching stranger till the exciting part den disc 2 cannot play. . . sianzz Lona's cinema lose business liao, all run to Di hse now. Andy came over at the disc 2 of strangers. . Supposed to meet him at 6pm but he 11++ den turn up -.- Hangover at di hse for the nite, went home in the morning.

Guess whu is this =X

I dunno where's my determination went to, had decided on things yet was easily destroy by 1 sms & call.

Reached home at 12pm - 1pm ba, den slp till 6pm =X There goes my Sunday slping lol!! Sit at home play EQ2 trying hard to lvl up

Later working again. . . Monday's blueeee, den somemore working on this Sat. .. arrrghh!!!!