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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
12:56 AM

Long wkend juz over!! No mood to work today, so tempted to take MC. Lona & ah di oso took MC -.- End up didn't take due to a reason lol!. Let me recap on how i spend my long wkend ba.

Sat - Supposed to go tanning bt again didn't go lol!! Meet Lona at Hougang MRT den travel to Kovan wait for Holly & ah di to finish their Spa session. Sat there for awhile and chat abit, chatting wif Lona she always want to slp de lo. Always say tired tired tired, juz came out of hse oso tired -.- After that travel down to Orchard, ION new shopping centre. Met up wif Holly's BF. 1st time walk walk there, toilet super far! Di went shopping craze after his body spa -.- He spent alot lo!! dunno wat to say =.= But he is happy can liao. Bought a small item(Braces??) for him from topman. After tat walk walk walk walk walk walk, dun rem we walk where le LOL!! Den drop by another new shopping mall(no idea wats the name) which is not fully operated yet. Took a pic of the MOO in Ben & Jerry's. After tat parted at MRT station. Enjoyed the day alot but ending up wif some quarrel at nite but ok la things resolved.

The cute Cow

Sun - Went over to ah di hse, waited for Lona to be ready. Walked over to pick her then eat at the fdcourt in Hougang Mall, rented some Dvd/VCD to watch later on. Finally Andy came after flying kite for 2 times!! Went Kbox again =X, seems like my fav hanging out place liao, sing sing sing like mad, all singing like mad, esp ah di lol!! He enjoyed alot !!! got video to proof it!! but it's for my own viewing =X got 2 fans supporting him waving but he ignored them!!! HAHA. Went over to eat Suki Sushi, not exp & not cheap. Super broke.. haiz. Went over to ah di over to watch 2 movies, i dun rem the 1st title coz watch halfway, den follow by Urban Legends, Bloody Mary. Not tat scary juz abit er xin on how they die. Left his hse at 1++.Sent Lona back, went Mc Donald to chit chat till almost 4. If i nv remind them on the time they totally 4gotten abt it. -.- Di supposed to sent Andy home but he tired, so ended up wif sending di home 1st den i took cab send Andy back. Reached home ard 5am, tio lock out of hse again. . .haiz used to it dun wan to elaborate more on tat.

Lona singing

Mon - Slept till quite late, ard 1pm?? woke up play EQ2 wif di, den he went out wif his fren. I went back to slp for 2 more hrs!! LOL. Decided to sell off all my GE items, so rest of the day bz selling items.

Tues - As mentioned on top, felt like taking MC lol!!. Claim my 1hr time off went over to ah di hse. Drop by Lona hse 1st to pass her the letter she asked me to print. Went to Somerset & Raffles to view the sch di wan to study in. He suddenly got the fever for Thai lang, asked me to learn wif him too. After tat meet up wif Lona after she went over to her working place, eat dinner at Hougang mall, sent Lona back, sent ah di back and slowly walk back home with lots of thoughts.

That's all for now~~