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Wednesday, August 5, 2009
9:06 AM

Nuthing much to post these few days, as usual work n work. Yesterday went to watch sneak preview of G.I Joe. Got to surrender hp for their keeping. Waste of time -.- 12 ppl attended the outing. Daren,Lona,Robin,Michelle,( 1 x robin friend), MR, 4 x di colleagues(Yongda, lynn??, Mabel and 1 more dunno his name), di & me. Got some free gifts frm GV, split between 2 rows 6 ea. 1 of the colleague looks like a Mediacorp artist sia dunno any1 realise or not or juz me. lol!!

Di went for hair treatment coz v dry, shld be due to the dye. V cosy treatment but as long as he's happy with the result =)

Learn to trust me.

The movie was fantastic, Personally i feel that its better den Transformer & Harry Potter. Lot's of action!! After the movie took cab back home along. . whu ask me stay so far away =X. Here i am again at work, chionging my stats. I know i know got to reduce my spending. . .

Got rare visitor here, long time no see de fren momo =X i wan my bday present har!! Remember our date, bring ur GF along =X