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Saturday, August 1, 2009
2:41 PM

Went out to celebrate Eugene aka Reima birthday. As usual, birthday celebration at Cine Kbox with Ethel,Syl,WL & me. Drink drink & sing sing till 6am. V shag at work now, not enough slp and headache from drinking. Drank too much yesterday, abit high liao lo losing my senses, guess i sure gone case when it's my birthday =X . Nv fail to enjoy my company with this group of friends =) Here's the picture as i promised!

Eugene (our bday boy!)
Cutting cake!!! OMG i hate cheezy cakes =X

Me, Eugene, Syl, WL, Ethel

Syl, Ethel & WL

Super bored Sat here, working till 9pm, can't go anywhere after tat sianzzz. Looking forward to tml ba =D but now broke liao muz reduce on spending.