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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Monday Blueeeee
12:00 AM

Woke up late today. . .even thou i working afternoon shift = den take cab down to work place. Cecilia came over and give counselling to most of the colleagues ba. . For me this few mths been sick taking MCs & stats drop.

Wondering they always taught us muz gif customer the "human touch" den they stay but r u all practising it with your internal customer ?? I doubt so if not there won't be so many ppl leaving. Some 1 told me this company dun retrench ppl but make they leave themself and i'm wondering yea, it's so true. Totally agreed!! Wondering wat my working life will be w/o Carol, Danica,Kelly they all. Always chit chat till no government lol!! There's oso my fault ba, always chat and doing stuff which makes me happy =S and bz tinking alot of things.

That's all for the Monday blue ba, trying hard for 1)2)3) =) I wan my holiday trip oso!!! ARGGHHH

Rest well Di~ no more sun tan lotion for u =X

Gdnite all, off to slp~