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Friday, July 31, 2009
6:47 PM

Erm slack for too long again, been "bz" =X As usual excuse for not posting. LOL

Nothing much happen this week, work work work in the morning shift. Signed up indoor sun tanning wif di. Cost a bomb -.- but i wan to be tannnnnn!!! Lovedthe guy skin sia, tan till v nice. Of coz la he work there =X can maint v well LOL!!

Then at night bz playing EQ2, thx di,holly,andy,jun for plvling me =X i will try hard to lvl up fast. . but the quest v hard to clear la . . . .i sit there 3 hrs oso nv lvl up sianz. Den tio bully somemore, set so high expectation on me. Believed me i tried. =X

Last of all, srry for the emo nicks ba and thx for all the concern. I'm alright !! I didn't know u all take note of my nick =X I tot i'm the only 1 whu take note of others LOL!!

That's all for now, till den