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Monday, July 27, 2009
8:55 PM

It's Monday again, working at 830 shift. Woke up v early but finally my slpness nite is gone after a gd chat. Reached work place, many ppl nv come again, as usual "Monday's Blue" MCMC,ULUL. Both TL's oso nv come, v chaotics as not enough staffs to handle the calls. Then the queen keep sending emails saying PCA drop drop drop reduce warp up, y dun u tink remove our 1633 stats will help alot.

During lunch time Aisyah oso said no mood to work, wan to leave the company liao. Yan oso said it. WA all leaving me alone.. haiz super moody. Dunno how to motivate myself to strive harder there. Carol,kelly oso stress at work, all my kaki's stress = i super stress too. Tried hard to hit stats today but still haizzz Tml Cecilia sure come DB me again =X

Book movie tickets to watch GI JO on the 4th August wif 12 ppl!! haha.

Worked half an hr OT as they required manpower den ere i am rotting at home liao.