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Sunday, July 26, 2009
7:15 PM

Had a great day yesterday, went to pick ah di & malona at redhill, cabbing there as gd as cabbing to buona vista, Super ex. Mandarin class wif di is super funny, 1st stop, Paya Lebar MRT station. Went to err 4get the saloon name liao something cut =X for hair treatment. I'm not the 1 doing the treatment =X Di was having it for 45mins. Went to food court wif lona, had chicken riceee, lona had some noodles. Den she order side dish dunno wat dumplings i tink. Taste of so many vege i hate~~ lol end up nv help her eat, den wasted the fd. Talk for awhile den ah di finish his hair treatment. He is happy tat the hair got the "cooling" effect =X hahaha. .

Took bus to Serene Centre, was told can satisfy my rental needs. End up, it's not mine lo~~ lol. U r here for a reason and i won't let it go w/o getting it. Lona bought a vcd for tonite, Thai horror film called “The House.” Looks scary. . .

Went Taka walk walk, see a bag cost 1k+ OMG seriously di, it's so exp =X but his mum got it for him *jealous* wahahaha *jking* , after "sold" a shoe to di den took cab back.

Random cab pic (Di & me)

Drop Lona back 1st den went ah di hse to copy a game. "Everquest2" coz the patching seems 4ever so brought my lappy there. Cleaned up Shireii's hse den Di taught me the some basic of the game den Remy guide me ingame on the quest. While learning, di went to clean my lappy up and change some layout. Play play play till 4get time, 4gotten nv eat dinner end up in Mac for dinner =X u scored 70% nia LOL!! shld know y hor

After tat went up Lona hse for the "scary" movie. The plot okok nia, easy to guess, not scary at all BUT Lona keep on screaming lol! den ah di pretend fixing the game into Lona comp nv watch the movie. After the movie, stayed awhile as di was teaching Lona the controls & the basics of the game.

Left ard 3am ba, sent di home & collect my lappy den took cab home.

Tried to slp but the questions ppl left me kept me up for past few days. Blogged a emo msg in my old blog, the person whu had access to it currently haf a chance go read it. lol!!

Logged in Everquest to config some setup till all the members in the game, formed new guild and they went to P lvl me. Thx alot~ The instance took ard 1-2hrs ba. .

After tat went out dinner lo some where at upper Thomson for Japanese Food wif di. The Don there v nice, after that suppose to go back AMK hub but as usual di bz singing randomly so i jio him go KTV to release his potential. =) Finally after so many visit to K box, i signed up for the member =X Enjoyed the night alot as was at a v emo state in the morning/afternoon.

Don't want to elaborate more on it but was v touch to hear comforting words from u. =D
*Thx Lona for the pics*