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Friday, July 24, 2009
10:23 PM

Finally it's Friday!! struggled thru the wk. Feelings up & down. .

Blog 1st abt work ba, str8 5 days took cab to work. Broke Donald's record of cabbing to work!!Coz, work up late?? rainning? ? I know why =X last 3 days managed to hit stats, by self motivating. Haf a little talk to Kelly, she's v demoralise wif all the ppl leaving too. I dunno how to encourage her coz i oso demoralise. Seeing her like tat i oso automatic feels the same. The management not doing anything to salvage the situation. The only thing that keeps my spirit high is working hard for feed my 1)2)3). Trying hard but losing fast. I love to work in a happy environment not juz for $$. Thx Danica for the cute handphone pouch =) Whole department moral quite low.

2nd thing i like to blog bout is my supposingly holiday trip during National Day. Flush away le, 4th holiday trip planned this yr was cancelled. U wll nv know how i feel, was mooding all the way home.

Then when reach home, another news arrived. I know i shouldn't feel like tat but haiz that's me. Vinegar smell + moody clouds all ard.

Yes Kelly, of coz will mentioned u in my blog de lo, we r the chatting ka ki at work leh. Come on, enjoy ur wkend and hold till end of the yr!! I know it's not easy but i'm trying hard, dun gif up on me = Stick together team!!