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Monday, July 20, 2009
1:38 AM

Almost 1 wk didn't blog again =X Been bz =)

Lets start off frm my medical review ba, took half day leave for it heh. Doc says scar healing well. . The leg swollen nuthing to do wif op. After tat went I LU MA, to pai game =) actually juz wan to use msn lol!!! tried DOW2 again heh. Very nice game, bought the game liao but but but.... Sorry di, my comp specs not gd enough to support it. . . sian. . . muz invest in comp liao. Alot of things got to save and buy.
Went to meet ah di at redhill MRT, Andy met us there too, so we took train to Jurong west den to Yishun. Hate taking train @ 6-7. . super crowded!! Did 1 memory test at Mc Donald, scored 80%?? wahahaa!! Meet up banban n alex there too, they came 20 mins late. Den off to watched Harry Pottteeerrr!!! V nice movie!!!!! OMGOMGOMG. . can't wait till the last part liao lo!!!!

Friday - supposed to go goldenmile book tix for genting trip wif Daren but he fly my kite. . sian. . dun think he had started the planning yet. . die! Tml muz rush him liao.
Sat - went Sentosa @ 9am!!! OMG nv been there so early be, supposingly to meet at 8 end up late late abit lo. . 3 person fly our kite, nv go. . . End up only 4 of us went{William(Stgabriel), Roy,di and me} went. Di abit dsappionted when i meet him in the morning. Nv met william & Roy b4. Roy super extreme quiet, i tink he is more quiet den me(last time). Super extreme de, treat s invisible de =X hahaha. Tried v hard to start off some conversation wif him. Bought mat, play cards, enjoy the SUN, sea and fresh air there. Took some pic, u can see a shiny body there! Ah di put the sun tan lotion like bathing wif soap = haha!! Spent few hrs there den proceed to iluma to pai game. Played few games like l4d,dow2 there heh. Finally Roy started to tok a little bit. . but gave me a super unforgetable memory. While playing DOW2 fighting against William and Di, he fell aslp!!! OMG OMG!! didn't realise it till we r losing badly and he just stand there and watch. LOL! woke him up liao den he slp again... kaoz. hen pei fu ni leh Roy. . LOL!! Pai game for 4hrs den go Hougang eat Western fooooodd, Roy left due to going to his grandma place for dinner but at last he tok! It took quite awhile. =D we so friendly de ppl, dun be shy~~

Di & Me
Roy & Di
William & Di
Me, William & Di

After eating, went up to Malona place to watch movie~~ Andy came over too. thou the 1st show i totally dun understand the 1st movie, 2nd movie make it up abit ba LOL!!! Thx alot for 2 free moviesss wif sweet cornsss~~ but i got do my job ok?? turning on the lights and water forrrrr wahahaha!! William left halfway coz he got lesson on the next day. We left the place ard 1am coz getting late and tired after Sentosa trip. Went Mac coz di want to drink den chat till 2+. Went over to di hse to stay for the night. Supposingly to slp early but ended up watching funshion for awhile coz hair still wet after bathing =X
Woke up quite early to eat breakfast bought by di's dad. Thx alot for the Wanton Meeeeeee. Watched 2 more movies after tat. V nice movie looo, di dun do silly things!! =X wahaha. Went dinner at sunshie plaza, the store wanted to dine in close le den we eat Wanton Mee for again wahaha! Favourite fd ma =) Dropped by 1 of the lan shop to pai game =D played DOW2 and audition. . My reaction v slow lo, and can't multi task when i hear the music i like!!! =( played till 12 den throw di home n here i am at home again. Tml working afternoon shift so can slp abit later heh. Suddenly i start hating afternoon shift so much !! coz i can't go out in the evening... Need to feeeeedddd 1)2)3) heh.
Last of all, loved my wkends nowadays!!! Enjoyed it so much! thx alot to Lona,William, Roy, Andy, di!!

Special thx to the organiser!!!

U made a difference!! wahahaaha

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