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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
11:46 PM

Hi All,

Nuthing much happen for past few days, went to work, took 1 day MC on Tues due to XXXXXX. Went dye hair wif ah di. didn't manage to take any picture of it. Thou the place is quite far located at Paya Lebar, but the hair stylist is super friendly. Treat us drink, bubble tea =D thou i dun like to milk tea but thx alot. Will let u try cutting my hair the next round, let's see wat will happen =D

After that went to illuma to pai cue LOL!!! End up pai game =D Superman or batman!! =X played 1 hr, dota awhile den i got dc, di oso leave game. Tried out Dawn of war II, quite a nice game. Nice graphics! Wanted to buy the game today but ended up the comics connection closed for renovation, popular and 1 game shop doesn't haf it. Guess only able to get it tml.

Tml going for medical review le, my leg seems recovering fast wif the medicine again. Of coz wif a pric of diarrhoea as side effect Hope when i stop it, it will nv come back again =X The scar seems lighten i guess lol!! the 12 lines disappearing soon. Will be watching HARRY POTTER TML!!!! wooot!!! had booked the tix on last Sunday for 5 at YGV =D will let u all know my reviewwwww~~~

Dad told me mummy hamster ran out of cage this morning, luckily he found her at the living. Muz be my maid la, clean cage nv close all the holes tightly. Or te 5 babies will be w/o mummy le. . Will try to post pic of the hammy when i got time ok. . .

Last of all, srry di for past few days of emoing. Will cheer up as promised. Max n kim!!! =X