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Friday, June 26, 2009
3:00 PM

1 more week of holiday b4 work starts !!! Went to polyclinic to remove my stitches today. Total of 6, felt nervous at 1st but end up no feeling at all, like pulling out of hair -.= Nurse said the wound looks gs, didn't get a chance to see it b4 she covered it again for another 2 more days LOL.

Ok, the company sent me some fruits wishing me a speedy recovery. 1 of the TL's sent regards via company email. Danica asking me to go back early but i doubt i will be back early. .

Went to watch Transformers, quite nice show ba to me. Alot of actions(maybe abit too fast), come fast go fast lol. Overall nice graphics,animation, sound. stroyline not bad. Just tat the bad guys this time round seems too weak. Waiting for next show!!! G.I Joe =D

Past few nights been dota-ing, just started to play GE again to train to master coz too bored at home lol. Got an alarm call this morning at 6 =.=

Been a gd boi too lol!! eating vege and less meat for the scar lo. . . got to last 1 mth w/o my EGG!! sad.

That's all for now =D