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Monday, June 22, 2009
3:52 PM

heh, didn't post for the past 1 wk. Suppose to report work at new place last Monday, didn't go due to stupid sickness. Admitted into hospital at TTSH, didn't inform many ppl abt it lol!!. So need to go for operation. I tink that's the 3rd operation in my life ba, this time it's for appendix infection or Appendicitis. 1st is for my forehead which i barely remember it at all since it was operated when i am v v v young. 2nd was my disc at the back, 3rd was this. Stayed in the hospital for 3 days b4 got discharged.

Like to blog a little more on the operation ba, went in during midnight. Felt so scared lol!! dunno y, i dun even remember feeling this when i am having my 2nd operation which involved more risk LOL!!. Maybe getting older den more timid ?? heh. The doctor explained to me the whole procedure b4 they start. Sound v er xin de, so those with weak heart DO NOT proceed on reading. 1) suppose i will fall aslp, insert a tube for me to breathe,den will cut a whole near my stomach, take oust 1/3 of my intestine and find the infected part which is the appendix den cut off lo, follow by stuff the intestine back and sew the flesh together. LOL, my 1st thought was OMG!! y he explained to me!!, if not i won't know den just go thou the process quickly. Anyway, no time to worry abt. Next they put me to slp le, after 4-5 intake of the anesthesia gas?? thats makes me fall aslp w/o knowing it. Glad i'm back alive!! heh. Still got alot of things to do.

1st day after operation normally is the worst cause the anesthesia is losing it's effect and i will start feeling the pain. Pain killer was given to me 1 to 2 times ba b4 i can manage the pain. After 1 day of the operation the big doctor allows me to go home n rest le cause i'm feeling better. Finally out from hospital. Given 24days hospitalisation leave !!! LOL. All Danica's fault. Ask me take HL HL, now really HL. LOL!!

From the stay, i realise i'm wif a v bad company. =\ My manager's, leaders, whoever is incharged of me didn't even bother to ask. I tink they r just fedup wif my HL's due to manpower shortage and is it my fault? GL to u all, this is wat i can say.

Moving on, gout attack after this infection, i tink taken bean sprout during the hospital stay a. Swollen super big. Hope t can recover fast. The operation wound is healing fast ba, so far no infection frm it. Friday den can remove the stitches =X, the nurse so funny count how many stitches for me.

Anyway that's all for now, time to rest my body for faster recovery. Even i'm alright i won't be going back to the heartless place. =D