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Monday, June 1, 2009
1st June 2009
11:30 PM

1st day of June le, rotting at home today. Basically addicted to FB games. Throw away quite alot of stuff , trying to change some furniture in my bedroom. A list of items i need to buy n change !!

Took cab to see doc coz late for appointment. End up still late for appointment -.- miss appointment timing den wait for almost 1 hr den my turn . . .

Next appointment was scheduled 3 mths later after 1st problem solve. ARGH! See doc n get many medicine nia almost 200 gone liao -.- Luckily didn't go Genting heh

Tomorrow start work lo, after slacking so long. Shuyi left BHD le, her last day was on Friday =\ All the best to her at the new dept. Another old bird gone, getting lesser & lesser ppl. Wat to do haiz. Sen oso hand up resignation letter giving 1 mth notice, left all the new comers nia. . . whole BHD like reforming -.- Moving to new working place on the 15th of June, haiz so far. . circle train faster up leh den will take me 30 - 45mins to work ba.

That's all for now!