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Friday, June 5, 2009
1st day of work!! =X
12:38 AM

Finally went to work, was either on leave or on MC these few days. Stupid sickness comes again. These 2 mths so many MC's haiz. . My appraisal sure GG, bonus next yr sure v little -.-

Didn't blog for 2 days coz sick & busy playing PSP n FB =X . Addicted to so many games lol!!

Ok la start off with bought 2 cute little hamster home, buy new cage, food, shower thingy, so many things. Spend quite a bit on them. Now 2 of them bz playing outside =D lol!! Cannot get puppy ma so go for smaller pets lo.

Went to work today, expected fail call stats during the evening time. Pack up things getting ready to move over to new hse at Tai Seng. So damn far! Must calculate the time to get there n get home -.- Many colleagues concern abt my leg, thx alot! Will try to control my food =X but this stupid thing randomly come de lo -.-

That's all for now. Di seems to be missing o.0 Gdnite!