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Monday, June 15, 2009
15 June 09
12:42 AM

OMG, been slacking for a wk =X Didn't post anything at all. Heh, bz playing FB lo and working mid shift for the week. Moving hse to new place at so far! Tai Seng~~ Havent calculate the time to reach there. . . tml surely late de lo.

Nothing to blog for past few days ba, been staying at home, saving $$. For this mth, instead of saving more $$ end up i spent even more. Didn't even save a cent for the mth. . . still overspend. . .kaoz Next mth will be a hard 1 for me -.-

Today cab down to new place, unpack things, nothing much to do. Go ther take OT pay nia =X den actually waiting for Carol, but she took too long to reach =X So Wah sent me & Danica to Taka. Went to Braun Buffel to get wallet for didi bday. Finally used the voucher i got from company last yr =X . Eat pineapple rice at the fd court den drink my fav ORANGE JULIUS !! dunno how to spell LOL. Was thinking to get another present but can't find anything suitable. Went to buy something for myself instead. Kaoz, bought a watch. Posted some pic up. Quite like it =D wearing it to work tml!!

Thx Danica for shopping wif me today.

That's all for now ba, got to slp early.